Eight years ago, Danielle found herself pregnant at the young age of 17. She ended up relinquishing her parental rights to a family that she selected through the agency that her family’s church had referred her to. This blog is a combination of her experiences, present, past, and hopes for the future.

Danielle is now married, with two lovely children and a small but rambunctious dog. She volunteers in her community to for several causes, and has recently started a not for profit organization that she hopes will aid birthparents in their journey post adoption.

She has had posts from this blog, and from her family blog, Tales From This Side of the Mamahood featured on the popular website, BlogHer. As well, her birth story to her daughter was featured in the magazine Birthing in 2011.

When she’s not volunteering, or writing,  you can find her wrapped up in a book, playing with her kids, and just genuinely enjoying life.

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