10Web launches website optimization service for WordPress

10Web, a startup that automates website hosting, PageSpeed ​​and website building with AI, has just launched its new service – the 10Web Booster, which allows users to optimize their websites on n any hosting for 90+ PageSpeed ​​scores with full frontend and backend optimization.

“Website optimization, indicated by metrics like PageSpeed ​​score, is something that all site owners and professionals who develop websites should care about. From our experience, I can say that the “Optimizing websites without breaking interfaces is hard work. Thanks to automation and the hard work of our engineers, it is now possible to optimize the frontend and backend automatically. We have made our 10Web Booster service available for free And the good thing is that it works with all hosting,” says Tigran Nazaryan, CEO of 10Web.

10Web’s solutions to these problems:

Best PageSpeed ​​score. 10Web Booster will automatically place any website in the top 1% fastest websites in the world, improving visitor user experience, SEO, engagement and conversion rates. By combining front-end optimization with back-end optimization, the website will have a significant increase in PageSpeed ​​score and pass Core Web Vitals.

Front-end optimization: With 10Web Booster, anyone can optimize the frontend speed of their homepage + 5 inner pages completely free, while caching is available for the whole website. Alternatively, users can choose to optimize all pages and images on their websites, customize optimization modes for individual pages, access 24/7 live chat support with 10Web Booster Pro.

Back-end optimization: With fast hosting infrastructure, 10Web offers users A-Z performance optimization. With 10Web Booster Pro, users will get Google Cloud partner hosting, WordPress performance boost, server performance, up-to-date PHP and MySQL versions, 99.9% uptime guarantee and more.

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