Access Unparalleled Benefits with Tensor Access Control Integration | wave store

Wavestore is constantly expanding its network of technology partners by integrating with the best technologies in the industry. Recent integration with Tensor’s comprehensive access control solution provides a secure and reliable enhanced attendance system for organizations of all sizes. Events, such as an alarm being triggered or access blocked, are triggered by data provided by the Tensor system when an invalid access card is used. Additionally, Wavestore’s “Cause and Effect” event rules engine can be used to manage events and alerts, as well as incorporate other integrated technologies to provide a robust security system.

“The Tensor/Wavestore integration module is a great additional feature to our software suite that allows users of our WINACNET software to simultaneously view CCTV footage and access control transactions via screens and reports,” said commented Rob Cochrane, group sales manager at Tensor. . “It’s a huge time saver for users and means they don’t need to access CCTV software to view all transactions in one place. We also forward access control transactions to the Wavestore software if the user prefers to view access control transactions through the Wavestore software.

Enrico Bizzaro, Head of Integrations and IT at Wavestore, added; “Wavestore’s integration with Tensor provides a fully scalable security solution that combines powerful video, data, and audio management with industry-leading access control capability. Using the powerful Wavestore event engine, we’ve integrated Tensor’s platform to maximize protection against new and emerging threats. The integration allows the WINACNET system to stream video from the Wavestore platform and also allows each connected Wavestore server to receive access control events triggered by the Tensor application.

To learn more about Tensor Access Control technology, visit their website: and download the onboarding document here.

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