Acquia shares the secret to successful DXP

With the massive rise of digital commerce, there is a new generation of enterprise software that has become essential. Known as Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), they bring together many of the most advanced online technologies on a single cloud platform.

Acquia, a Drupal-based open DXP company, has proven its ability to deliver quality solutions to the market and was recently crowned by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for DXP for their Acquia Open DXP.

After a series of new business experiences, employee experiences, and the growth of its ecosystem of technology partners, Acquia is showing why it’s so important to put the customer at the forefront of any operation.

Not only that, but with its acquisition of Widen in 2021, the company has shown that leveraging proven technology to meet growing industry demands is crucial to maintaining solid business growth. Acquia’s DXP is suitable and adaptable to a wide range of B2C, B2B, and B2E use cases, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and versatility.

An important factor in a successful DXP is data management, as determining what drives customer retention and interaction can be critical. The analysis of trends and interactions are essential and the acquirer succeeds because they are strongly focused on the future and are always one step ahead.

Acquia CEO and APJ Senior Vice President Steven Hayes says companies often fail to meet customer expectations or deliver on promises due to the many challenges they face on a daily basis, including the content chaos. He believes that having a rock-solid DXP can help customers turn content chaos into content agility, boosting content velocity and giving the customer back power and flexibility to meet growing customer demands.

“Businesses want to deliver the right experience and message to their customers in a way that works for them, regardless of the device, channel or system they choose.”

“Customers who have had a great experience will not only return, but will also use it as a reference for their next experience.”

He says increasing maturity is something organizations are looking for, and using customer data through DXP can help accelerate that.

“If as an organization you don’t make it easy for customers to interact digitally with you, I suspect you’re losing market share to someone who does,” he says.

As a recognized leader, Acquia has provided services to some of the world’s largest companies in various fields such as fashion and healthcare, working with lululemon and Johnson and Johnson. Working diligently to deliver the best data management solutions with a high degree of success, the company is looking to various sectors of the A/NZ market to help drive it forward.

“It’s very agile and easy for customers to get started with us and get started with Drupal. The strength of the platform is proven because it’s been used by so many organizations and its community is so strong. It’s not difficult for anyone, whether you are a small or a large organization.”

And what’s next in Acquia’s pipeline? According to Hayes, while continuing to provide exemplary DXP and data services, the company is working on exciting developments in the world of Kubernetes through its partnership with AWS.

Hayes also encourages those looking for the best DXP and data solutions to contact their team, who will be there to provide more information and exemplary service every step of the way.

“If someone is looking at DXP and wondering, where do you start? Take a look at your data and see if you have an agile content platform to meet the changing needs of your business. If you’re not Sure, we at Acquia have the tools to help you create immersive, personalized experiences. Talk to us, we’ll make it easy.”

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