Amron D launches financial forecasting software



THIS Irish forecast comes with a twist, instead of sunshine, summer breezes and downpours, Amron D predicts growth, success and profitability.

According to Forbes, 80% of businesses fail because of poor financial planning. Amron D is on a mission to dramatically improve this statistic with its new financial planning software, which enables companies to secure their foundations from the start, assess their current business strategies and plan for the future.

For many businesses, especially entrepreneurs and small businesses, their financial literacy is often a weak link in an otherwise great business model or idea. Periodically, it gets pushed to the bottom of a to-do list because those people or organizations are short on time and feel overwhelmed when it comes to forecasting. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Cork-based Irish company Amron D has created cutting-edge AI forecasting software that takes the stress out of forecasting. With two different versions available, one for start-ups and micro-businesses, and a pro version that will be available later this year for accounting professionals and mid-sized businesses, it’s quick and easy to use, without any accounting knowledge and experience required.

Forecasting is often required for grant applications and investment financing, but throughout the year it is a hugely beneficial process that puts you in control of your business. It allows you to quickly rotate, work on “what if” scenarios such as hiring a new staff member or changing raw material supplier, and thanks to Amron D’s machine learning capabilities, you will also be able to compare yourself to other companies in your industry.

For a business just starting out, this smart software can act as a form of financial mentor. It has the ability to draw data from customers and come up with types of costs that we might not have thought of, such as insurance for example. Currently, entrepreneurs have to turn to accountants for forecasting help, which can come with a high price tag and short reporting lifespan, but for as little as € 9.95 per month. and in just 10 minutes, a business can create its own financial forecast.

In development, Amron D has multi-device banking API integration that will allow you to quickly and accurately compare actual data against forecast.

Sharing her passion and enthusiasm at launching Amron D, Co-Founder Hazel Buckley commented, “Words cannot express how thrilled we are to finally officially launch Amron D to businesses across Ireland. Amron D was born from the idea of ​​my father, James O’Sullivan, who was a chartered accountant, software developer and entrepreneur. Having created many businesses over the years and being frustrated with the functionality and cost of existing forecasting tools, he identified an opportunity in the market for a financial forecasting software system that would be fast, accurate, easy to use and affordable. . Sadly, dad passed away three years ago in 2018, before he could see his vision come true.

Visit to sign up for your free 7-day route. You can also follow Amron D online on LinkedIn / amrond or Intagram @amron_d_forecast for updates, offers and further developments.


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