Army delays update to largest HR system



Written by Jackson Barnett

Army delays launch of largest digital human resources computer system after tests showed problems with its data transfer, among other things, military said in a press release.

The Army Integrated Personnel Pay System (IPPS-A) will see its third version moved from December 2021 to September 2022, according to the Army. The latest version would have expanded the user base to all active and reserve components of the military and added new capabilities to the system.

“Stress testing revealed some interface and data integration issues, and we determined that additional time would be required to correct data transfer issues and resolve software defects. The testing phase works as intended by identifying issues that need to be resolved before moving forward. IPPS-A is a giant leap and we are going to get it right, ”said Col. Rebecca Eggers, Head of the Functional Management Division of IPPS-A.

Army chiefs have stressed the need for a modern talent management system, saying the military struggles to retain soldiers due to its archaic system. Other systems the Defense Department has created to try to improve HR include an Army program for Guaranteed Career Paths and an Uber-like app for Reservists called up for assignments that match the specialist skills they need. ‘they might have.

The military has also released an app on Apple’s App Store that aims to allow users to log into the system to view their records, but that won’t be possible until the third version of the IPPS-A system is released. not tested and completed.

The IPPS-A system is the “No. 1 human resources modernization effort” and is designed to replace the current paper-based system which the military says contributes to errors in the management of payroll and personnel records. The technology should allow soldiers to access their personal files and even integrate self-service functions into the system.

“We need to ensure that the IPPS-A is a thoroughly tested and high quality product when delivered to soldiers, human resources professionals and leaders,” said Lt. Gen. Gary Brito, chief. Deputy Staff, G-1, in a press release. “We are fully committed to providing IPPS-A in all three components, meeting the needs of our soldiers and the military of the future with a 21st century talent management system. “

IPPS-A is supported by ORACLE PeopleSoft Suite, according to the system’s website. It was first launched only for the Army National Guard in January 2019.

“Our focus remains on training, testing the system and preparing our soldiers,” Eggers said. “Units must use this time to refine the steps required for full launch readiness and maximum support from our soldiers. “


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