Best Social Media Management Software – Forbes Advisor

Hootsuite stands out as one of the most comprehensive social media management tools on the list. Like its competitors, Hootsuite allows users to plan social media content in advance, select when their audience is most likely to be engaged, and use an interactive scheduler to review scheduled content. Top-level plans offer robust analytics data, a number of integrations for productivity and efficiency applications, and live Hootsuite training for the entire team.

Hootsuite offers five pricing plans: Free, Professional, Team, Enterprise, and Enterprise. The free plan is extremely limited, allowing an admin to schedule five posts to two social media profiles. As you level up, Hootsuite offers more comprehensive analytics and social media tracking reports. The Professional level is ideal for individuals and small businesses as it allows one user to manage ten social media accounts. The Team level is designed for small teams, allowing three users to post to 20 social media accounts. Team, Business, and Enterprise plans come with advanced customizable analytics reports.

While top-level plans don’t come cheap, additional analytics tools are imperative for businesses that use social media as part of their marketing efforts.

One of the defining characteristics of Hootsuite is its ability to integrate easily with so many applications. All of Hootsuite’s application programming interfaces (APIs) are available as open source, which means the platform can work in tandem with software solutions. In fact, Hootsuite boosts its compatibility with over 250 apps, including Microsoft business apps, Canva, Adobe, Spotify, and more. This is invaluable for social media managers and content creators who work on many platforms and want to get around these platforms quickly and easily.

Who should use it: Small and medium-sized businesses that use social media marketing as a driving force behind their sales.

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