Beta software: Systems introduces a new generation of Linux and Unix-based solutions for output and log management



Berlin, July 7, 2021 – Beta Systems presents the new V5 generation of its Linux and Unix-based solutions for document output management and archiving as well as journal management and archiving. With the new generation of products, customers benefit from enhanced functionality combined with greater flexibility and enhanced security and compliance capabilities.

_beta doc | x, the successor product of Beta UX DistributionMaster and ContentMaster, is a complete software solution for the management, storage and delivery of complete document data, regardless of source, format and scope. Sources from special application systems such as SAP can be used and integrated as well as long established mainframe document formats. Documents can be centrally archived and audit-proof with _beta doc | x and made available online at low cost. Data from many different document sources can be flexibly prepared and made available for mass printing.

_beta log | x, the successor product of Beta UX LogMaster, is a cross-platform, multi-format logging data management solution in enterprises. Data from different sources eg mainframe, Windows, Linux / Unix systems and applications (eg SAP) can be consolidated in one place and made available across the enterprise from there. All system activity can be centrally analyzed and archived. In this way, transparent and audit-proof data storage is possible over long periods of time. The new Beta UX data model offers improved support for job log output for IBM Z and distributed system use.

“With the new generation, we are also offering companies that use Linux or Unix as a strategic platform extremely powerful output and log management solutions for mass data processing”, comments Dr Andreas Huth, member of the board. administration of Beta Systems.

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Solutions for controlling and automating business IT processes in the data center.

Founded by IT operations professionals, our mission is to empower our customers to make their lives easier and their data center operations faster, more scalable and at the same time secure, audit-proof and profitable. We provide high quality software solutions and services for z / OS, Linux, Unix and Windows environments or in the cloud for the automation of document management and archiving, workload automation , log management and information management processes in the data center.

Beta Systems DCI Software AG’s product and consultancy portfolio is aimed at large companies, IT service providers, public institutions and medium-sized enterprises which, due to their size and business activities, deal with large volumes of sensitive data in critical processes.

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