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From: Information Technology Division

The WordPress Blogs @ VT blogging platform is due for replacement in spring 2022 to bring it into line with modern security requirements. The new Blogs @ VT platform, located at, will continue to provide WordPress services, including a collection of popular themes and plugins, to faculty and students for course and degree related activities. The new platform will require all users to authenticate using Virginia Tech’s Single Sign-On (SSO) service.

The current system, located at, will remain online until June 2023; However, no new sites can be created at this location after January 14, 2022. Owners of existing sites can continue to edit their sites until May 20, 2022, after which will become read-only Plate -form. Site owners who want to continue blogging will need to export their content to another Virginia Tech service by June 30, 2023.

Site owners currently hosted on should determine if they want to maintain these sites in the future. For sites that can be removed, no action is necessary. For sites that need to be migrated, site owners have three options:

  • Professors, students, or alumni who want more flexibility and control can move their content to any private web hosting company that supports WordPress.

For more than a decade at Virginia Tech, blogs have been an important tool used by faculty to enhance class interaction and student learning. At Virginia Tech, Technology-enhanced learning and online strategies (TLOS), a unit of the Information Technology Division, is the service provider of Blogs @ VT. TLOS provides consultations for teachers wishing to integrate blogging into their teaching.

Questions, concerns or requests for assistance regarding blog migration should be submitted using


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