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We really appreciate it and look forward to the upcoming improvements that we don’t even know we need yet. We are very happy with how Canada Helps took our feedback to improve the system and I would recommend it to any small charity in the blink of an eye.


As a charity that uses to collect donations, I love that Canada Helps DMS has a seamless connection to the .org. Our previous CRM didn’t interact with, which led to a lot (I mean a lot) of manual gift entry (including every recurring monthly gift). We also like that Canada Helps DMS is much cleaner than our old software, is relatively user-friendly, and only gets better over time. We have benefited greatly from the support of our primary contact who has integrated our team into the system, and continue to ask questions as they arise. Canada Helps DMS is keen to improve our experience as a charity and is very open to comments / suggestions on how to improve the product for charities.

The inconvenients

As with anything new, it took some time to integrate DMS, and Canada Helps continued to tweak things to improve the system. It’s in a much better place now after working on some improvements, and it was WELL worth the time to upgrade from our old system.

Our old system was clunky, couldn’t reach someone when you needed help with a given issue, and it was too expensive for the way we were using it.

Response from CanadaHelps

Hi Danielle, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are delighted to hear that you are enjoying our fundraising tools and DMS. We have certainly come a long way and will continue to take feedback from our charitable partners! We have many features and improvements in store.


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