Culbertson Memorial Hospital Receives $600,000 USDA Grant

RUSHVILLE, Ill. (WGEM) – Culbertson Memorial Hospital is getting a fresh start with the help of a USDA grant.

The $600,000 grant was awarded through the Rural Health Care Emergency Grant Program.

Hospital CEO Gregg Snyder said the funding will help the hospital system purchase and begin the process of implementing an all-new electronic healthcare system.

Snyder said the new system will help the hospital and rural clinics share patient medical records if they need more extensive care.

“Right now we have a combination of multiple systems,” Snyder said. “We have software that we use for clinics, other software for the emergency department, other software for therapy, and then we have some of our departments that still use paper records.”

He said the improved system, Cerner Community Works, will benefit both employees and patients.

“The patient has full access to their entire file, throughout the organization. And it’s portable, so we can send that record to other facilities…so if you go to a higher level of care like Blessing or St. John’s or Memorial…we can send that whole record,” Snyder said. .

He said the grant funding is a big boost for the rural hospital system.

“The resources available to a small hospital like ours are limited. So when we can get a capital injection to be able to make this big improvement to our organization, it’s just…it’s a fantastic opportunity for us,” Snyder said.

Minor changes are already underway in the system to help staff adapt to the changes.

According to Snyder, the full transition period is expected to begin in March and end in September 2023.

You can find more information about Rural Emergency Health Care Grants here.

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