Cultivation moves newly updated digital marketing platform to alpha launch

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cultivation ( has announced its alpha launch with a time-limited opportunity for business owners to join the exclusive waitlist to gain access to the software platform. Developed by MARsum “Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers”, Nathan Smith, Cultivation is a boutique agency that leverages the latest approaches in social media, SMS, digital billboards, film, video, radio and other advertising strategies to uniquely showcase products. of its clients, while providing a marketplace of service providers so that other advertising professionals can offer their skills. Cultivation uses a series of AI features, proprietary data analysis algorithms and strategic partnerships (e.g. Blip) to help generate targeted solutions for entrepreneurs – including in-depth design, branding and automated/artificially intelligent marketing analytics.

“Over 90% of business and product searches are digital,” said Cultivation CEO and Founder, Nathan Smith. “And sometimes all it takes is the right design, marketing, or branding strategy to sharpen that competitive edge. Businesses can thrive in any terrain, but the brand holds premier status. plan as the most crucial tool for businesses to attract and retain customers, which is why we are excited to unveil our brand new automated platform, with AI-powered software integration projects, advertising conversational and programmatic advertising, bot and drone advertising, and much more as part of future advertising tools available to our clients.”

Culture: a marketing link for a global brand image
Culture creates an intersection where technology, creativity, design and branding meet for explosive marketing strategies that quickly go viral and get noticed. With efficient and cost-effective software specializing in collecting, analyzing, optimizing and even forecasting data patterns across multiple web and social media platforms, Cultivation has already produced successful campaigns for 35 businesses and launched engaging strategies. and highly visible for over 20 products/services – including over 300 successful campaigns across five geographies.

Cultivation’s alpha launch pad provides customers with options to:

  • Overall brand design with billboards, web design/development and mobile apps.
  • Commercial film and video, radio advertising, commercial photography, animation/visual art, and more.
  • Connect with other marketing service providers who reach audiences using visual psychology, positioning, time, date, interests, behaviors, location, and other key metrics.
  • Detailed ongoing analysis, providing up-to-date information on what elements of the campaign are working, what’s not working and what can be improved.

Automation improves efficiency, scalability, reach and revenue for everyone involved,” said Nathan Smith. “And the integration of blockchain technology, whether permitted or not, will also be helpful in managing key advertising metrics and data. Our technology represents a multi-pronged approach, as it touches all avenues of marketing, design and publicity is our ultimate goal.”

Download Cultivation’s free e-book “Imperative Branding Essentials” for tips and ideas. And for the latest platform features and benefits, as well as waitlist information, follow Cultivation on social media: @heycultivation on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

About Culture
Founded by a digital design and brand specialist Nathan Smith, Cultivation is another type of digital marketing agency. Representing an automated AI software and freelancer marketplace – Cultivation serves as a one-stop-shop for any entrepreneur or business looking to improve their brand presence, increase global traffic and revenue, and analyze information on a ocean of collected data. Cultivation’s software relieves business teams of stress and burden by automating tasks, content creation, and campaigns across multiple social media platforms, search engines, and advertising mediums, including billboards, SMS and/or radio campaigns.

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