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WILMINGTON, North Carolina, October 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the deadline approaches for companies providing services to the federal government to confirm that all their employees and contractors are vaccinated against COVID-19, these employers are under urgent pressure to find a way to manage this federal requirement. The legislation is part of the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force guidelines released on September 24, and outlines a December 8 full vaccination deadline for anyone working on or in connection with a covered federal contract. This Safety Guide for Federal Contractors is enforced by the Federal Procurement Regulatory Council and supersedes any contrary state or local laws or ordinances. The guidelines affect millions of American workers who will have to roll up their sleeves in the near future to meet the early December deadline, especially for those receiving Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, both of which require two doses to achieve full immunization status. . For these employers, the stakes are considerably high: finding a way to securely review and verify their employees’ vaccines with a verifiable audit trail, or risk losing their valuable federal government contracts – valued at a total. of $ 592 billion.

The administrative burden employers face in reviewing and verifying multiple doses of vaccines and booster shots is enormous and involves navigating several national, federal and international privacy laws surrounding the protection of individuals’ personal and health data, including HIPAA. , ADA, FCRA, Title VII, CCPA and RGPD. To complicate this situation, there is also a serious lack of time. Federal contractors must create acceptable guidelines for the submission of vaccine documentation, train their administrators on how to review and verify these documents, create an audit trail, and navigate medical and religious waivers. Or, they can turn to a long-established U.S. company that provides overnight compliance.

CastleBranch is a leading provider of safe and secure verification of medical and vaccine documents in United States, with an established method of managing vaccine evidence and documentation for employers. Over its 20 year history, CastleBranch has collected, reviewed and stored over 35 million medical documents, including vaccine verification, medical vaccine waivers, and religious vaccine waivers. To prove vaccine or dispensation status, individuals upload the required proof to CastleBranch’s secure platform, where the company’s team of experts review it to ensure it meets the required criteria and verify its authenticity. Once approved, copies of all vaccines and waiver documents are available to the employer’s COVID-19 safety coordinator, providing a secure and verifiable audit trail with no time commitment or administrative burden for the employer .

CastleBranch’s Compliance Tracking System is an intuitive solution that enables the safe and secure tracking and management of multiple vaccines and booster doses, as well as medical and religious waivers, for businesses with federal government contracts. As a consumer information agency, CastleBranch strictly adheres to state and federal regulations for the privacy of personal data.

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Situated in Wilmington, North Carolina, CastleBranch is an infectious disease screening and compliance management company serving more than 17,700 healthcare programs, tens of millions of people and tens of thousands of employers, schools and healthcare facilities in nationwide by verifying identity, tracking over 35 million medical documents and helping individuals make the transition to and through work. CastleBranch has 25 years of experience, employs over 500 team members and has a long history of delivering innovative solutions to complex problems.

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