Epic Systems Develops Technology to Check COVID-19 Vaccine Status and Test Results | Economic news



“The process lasted nearly nine months,” he said.

How the identifier works

The way the technology works, Frenzer said, is similar to a paper vaccine card.

A QR code on one phone provides proof of COVID-19 vaccination on another phone, new technology that could allow airports, event venues and other venues to ensure customers are vaccinated.


It links a person’s identity, including name and date of birth, to vaccination or lab results, he said. But unlike a card issued by the CDC, vaccine identification information can be represented by QR codes, which are digitally signed to prevent tampering. They can also be viewed through MyChart on a mobile device, printed, or saved in another mobile app.

If MyChart does not yet have a patient’s vaccine information, the patient can use the software to query a connected state’s immunization registry in order to obtain it and generate a code, Frenzer said.

The credentials respond to what is known as the VCI Initiative’s SMART Health Cards framework, which allows a business or site to use a machine reader to check immunization status or checks. laboratory results.

The VCI is a voluntary coalition of public and private organizations committed to giving people access to a “reliable and verifiable copy of their immunization records in digital or paper form using open and interoperable standards,” its website says. .

The reader app is delivered through a free SMART health card reader app, Frenzer said.


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