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ROOF AND CHIMNEY EXPERTISE: “We work hard to ensure that our customers have the safest, highest quality roofs and chimneys. Eri Iseberi, owner of Expert Chimney & Roofing LLC, is proud of the excellent work of his teams. Shown are photos of recent projects including roofs and chimneys.

By Jean Stratton

A roof over your head, a fire in the fireplace – even in the middle of summer it is not too early to think about the necessary repairs for the fireplace and hearth, so they will be ready to provide a comfortable setting for those chilly December days and nights.

Making sure the roof is free of hidden leaks or other damage is important for year round comfort.

Indeed, the care and attention to the roof is crucial at all times. Depending on its age, invisible problems under the shingles can cause serious damage.

Opened in 2006, Expert Chimney & Roofing LLC at Fair Lawn has built an excellent reputation for its expertise in new roofs, chimneys, gutters and repair work in all areas.

Family affair

Owned by Eri Iseberi, the company mainly specializes in private residences, but it also works on churches and other institutions. A family business, it covers the entire state of New Jersey.

“Most of our work consists of roofs, chimneys, siding and masonry, such as installing new steps, repairing existing steps, including brick and concrete,” he explains, “And we also replace and repair gutters and downspouts.

The style, age and size of the home can determine the appropriate roofing, he adds.

“Most of our projects are composite asphalt shingle roofs, and it’s usually best to remove the old shingles before putting on the new ones. Of course, if the roof is basically in good shape, and just needs a fix or a few shingles replaced, we’ll do it. Sometimes it can cost $ 100.

Expert Roofing provides a free inspection, which includes examining the roof, chimney and gutters.

“Our professional roofer will bring photos of the different roofing choices, styles, colors, materials and costs,” Iseberi explains. “We also do flat roof replacement and repair, as well as skylight replacement and repair. And someone is on site every day to supervise the work.

“We discuss everything with customers, and also offer a 30 to 35 year warranty, depending on the material chosen. “

Personalized service

“Attention to detail and personalized service are our specialty,” continues Iseberi. “Roofs are so important to the safety and comfort of the home. “

In addition to roofs, the business focuses on chimneys, from cleaning and repairing to replacement, as well as chimney repair and refurbishment.

“We start with a free inspection of the chimney and hearth,” Iseberi explains. “New chimney liners are often needed, and they start at $ 1,500. “

Chimney cleaning can sometimes involve removing animals that have taken up residence within the dark confines of the chimney. Squirrels, raccoons, and birds have all been found from time to time.

“Brick repair is often part of the chimney service,” notes Iseberi, “and Expert Chimney & Roofing has excellent masons and a very professional team for chimney work. “

Every effort

The cost of the roof can cover a wide range depending on the size and materials chosen, Iseberi explains. It ensures that customers are fully informed of all costs from the start. A 5-10 percent discount is available for older customers.

In addition, he points out that in the difficult times that everyone has experienced over the past year and a half, he has gone out of his way to help clients with special needs, responding to emergencies and helping those in need. of funds.

“We provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality work. We go to many houses all over the state and meet many people. We know how important the home is to people and we help them keep their homes safe. the best form and safety.

“The smile on our clients’ faces after the project is finished is the most enjoyable part of my job. We always do our best for the customer.

A good roof over your head that will stand up to the elements over time, a chimney that performs at peak performance and the sense of security and comfort that this provides is an investment that will pay off over the years.

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