Fobi AI Inc. Launches PassPro, Software-as-a-Service Enterprise-Grade Passport Platform

Fobi said it will earn money from this new platform from initial setup fees, license fees by Wallet Pass and managed service fees, which will be a new source of revenue for the company.

Fobi AI (TSX-V: FOBI, ​​OTCQB: FOBIF) Inc has announced the launch of its new product PassPro Wallet Pass, an enterprise-grade passport software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

The Vancouver-based tech company said the new SaaS platform with enhanced functionality positions it as a leader in the mobile wallet pass market. The platform is designed to generate many new opportunities with Fobi’s corporate clients in key verticals such as retail, sports and entertainment, hospitality and tourism.

Fobi said it will earn money from this new platform from initial setup fees, license fees by Wallet Pass and managed service fees, which will be a new source of revenue for the company.

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PassPro is an enhanced wallet pass product that extends the capabilities of the native mobile wallet. Fobi said it will lead to the convergence of data and engagement to become the all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) tool that “lives right in the pockets of prospects and enterprise customers.” .

PassPro is a fully managed service from Fobi that is tailored to the needs of each client. This allows Fobi to use its technology to target pain points specific to each client and provide real added value.

In a nutshell, PassPro delivers real-time customer engagement, promotions, and exclusive content and services to customers’ mobile wallets, enabling businesses to enhance their CRM systems by turning unknown leads into known leads and keeping customers satisfied.

Ultimately, PassPro’s functionality succeeds in combining the power of Fobi’s Passcreator Wallet Pass with artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of company data.

Fobi said its new PassPro SaaS platform takes engagement to the next level by providing a convenient location for all the information and services an organization wants to share with its stakeholders. As the main point of contact between businesses and their customers, businesses can run contests, post news, sell products, provide digital receipts, post videos and offer personalized offers based on their data, according to Fobi. .

The company highlighted the main advantages of the new PassPro platform:

  • Extends functionality by connecting data to engagement to deliver targeted content and services to the wallet pass;
  • Offers customizable analytics, onboarding pages, segmentation, and surveys;
  • Fobi fully manages PassPro to provide a seamless solution tailored to a company’s specific needs;
  • Increase engagement with advanced segmented messaging.

“PassPro is a true enterprise-grade SaaS solution that gives businesses the ability to turn their valuable data into powerful personalized promotions and experiences,” Fobi founding CEO Rob Anson said in a statement. “The combination of Fobi AI (TSX-V: FOBI, ​​OTCQB: FOBIF) and Passcreator Wallet technology drives digital transformation for businesses still stuck in the analog world and creates the ultimate marketing tool for businesses, highlighting the continued value of the Passcreator platform. in Fobi.

Anson noted that this will provide “a significant revenue opportunity” now that the solutions are fully integrated.

The mobile wallet market is expected to reach $255 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2% from 2020 to 2025, according to IndustryArc. Rising adoption of contactless technologies due to the pandemic and increased use of technology in financial transactions are expected to accelerate the mobile wallet market during the forecast period.

Clearly, with its new PassPro Wallet pass platform, Fobi is well positioned to increase its share of the large and growing global wallet pass market.

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