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Genesys used the acquisition path to scale up its AI-infused, CX-focused cloud in two different areas.

At first glance, Almost simultaneous acquisition of Pointillist and by Genesys seems a bit haphazard. Rest assured, there is method. The first candidate is a six-year-old specialist in “the mapping and orchestration of the customer journey”. The second is a five-year-old company whose primary product / service is a smart virtual assistant (think of it like a Noodgebot) that works alongside members of the sales and marketing teams to track, nurture, and qualify leads so that humans can focus on closing deals.

Regardless, the two companies would not often receive the same RFPs (requests for proposals) when companies purchase cloud-based resources for contact centers. or virtual assistants. Yet Genesys has rightly identified these two companies as leaders in their respective segments of a conversational-centric approach to opti-channel digital commerce that Genesys defines as “experience as a service”. In this post Barry O’Sullivan and Olivier Jouve describe their expectations of the two companies to increase internal efforts to be fulfilled on the promise of “experience as a service”.

See beyond CCaaS towards conversational intelligence

As Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital and AI at Genesys, the O’Sullivan organization will house the team. Pointillist staff, software and solutions will integrate into Jouve’s operations as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud CX. Pointillist complements Cloud CX by offering a set of services that aggregate, standardize, and visually present customer journeys in a way that helps managers measure the effectiveness of conversations and act on the information they provide. Because he lives outside of the formal contact center, he examines “the whole conversation” (to use Jouve’s term) and approaches the customer experience through digital and voice channels., on the other hand, serves a more pragmatic goal: to close sales. Like Pointillist, it does a great job of listening to customers, but its core offering is a virtual assistant capable of scheduling more meetings using personalized and human responses and follow-ups via email, web chat, and SMS. Together, the two companies are addressing existing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as web sales, repeat sales, return rate, impact of paid media and customer lifetime value. It is the acceleration of “large-scale” sales.

Pointillist, however, is focused on optimizing each customer’s journey “at scale” by monitoring, reporting, and striving to improve customer efforts and other KPIs (key performance indicators). important. presents itself as a virtual assistant for the sales staff. He listens to sales conversations and uses natural language understanding to recognize the best leads, identify commitments that have been made, speed up follow-up contacts, and ideally speed up the journey to the checkout.

What the two companies have in common is that they rely on “conversational intelligence”. This is the information gleaned from the content of conversations between brands and customers, along with the metadata associated with that content. Pointillist’s solutions cover aggregation, analysis and action based on connecting the dots between the content of multiple touchpoints between brands and their customers. They use elements of machine learning and “AI” to optimize these journeys.

And then there is the history of TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Years from now, when we return to the CCaaS, UCaaS, and CPaaS discussions as we move into the 2020s, we will realize that solution providers have often made decisions based on the expansion of the “total available market” for their business. stack of solutions. Genesys acquisitions leverage the company’s vision of “experience as a service” by moving beyond the confines of the contact center. This is not a cynical game for more TAM and more money, as there is a pragmatic rationale for increasing the Cloud CX core.

“Journeys” may or may not be the way to characterize the asynchronous conversations that take place across multiple channels between brands and their customers. “Orchestrating customer journeys” has all the appeal of herd cats. The customer experience transcends the contact center. Olivier Jouve, whose group will be in charge of assimilating the pointillist to the Cloud CX, recognized that the CX exists far beyond the contact center. Pointillist allows Genesys customers to get the big picture of the conversation. CCaaS may be essential, but the opportunities to improve the customer experience over time and across multiple channels really matter.

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