Gianforte touts Montana’s good business climate when visiting Kalispell

At a September 14 luncheon hosted by the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, Congress and Visitors Bureau at the Hilton Garden Inn, Governor Greg Gianforte promoted Montana as a competitive trading state while highlighting the emphasis on its economic resilience during the pandemic.

Gianforte spoke following a visit with GL Solutions, a software company that recently moved to Kalispell from Bend, Ore., The company citing a supportive and relaxed business environment in the Flathead Valley.

In June, the Montana Department of Commerce launched the “Come Home Montana” campaign, designed to target through social media those Montana high school and college graduates who have left the state for better employment opportunities in order to encourage them to return to Montana to work.

“They can join your business, they can start their own business, they can even bring work with them,” Gianforte said. “We have a lot to offer and we will promote it. Also, we have the advantage when we bring Montanians back home, they bring Montana values ​​with them, and it will help us preserve our way of life. “

Since the removal of mask warrants, the end of trade restrictions such as hours of operation and capacity limitations, and the ban on vaccine passports in Montana, Gianforte has confirmed that he will not impose any warrant in the ‘State.

“I believe the role of government should be to educate and communicate, not to mandate,” said Gianforte.

Gianforte said Montana has “made great strides in the pandemic” while working with the legislature to create a competitive business environment. He said the state had cut income taxes, tripled the business tax exemption from $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 and created an “entrepreneur magnet”, encouraging businesses to locate in the Montana.

To deal with the housing shortage, Gianforte has proposed fewer regulations and hiring more tradespeople, and he also prioritizes “reducing red tape,” referring to his creation of the Red Tape task force. Relief, which is working to restructure the Montana department. Environmental quality to shorten the wastewater authorization process.

“Duplicate or oppressive regulations have to get off the books,” Gianforte said.

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