Google Expeditions is over, now what?


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SANFRANCISCO, 2nd of July 2021/PRNewswire”

RobotLAB Inc. is the most renowned company in the field of educational robotics, has announced today that, following the conclusion of GoogleExpeditions, educators are in no position to create VR field trips for their classrooms. The Society VRExpeditions 2.0 designed for schools. The app and the method for managing content created and 360 Cities and  Encyclopedia Britannica are available to teachers of all levels through the aid of kits bought from the RobotLAB or at a different retailer.

“Teachers are impressed by VR fieldtrips” explained EladInbar, the chief executive officer of RobotLABInc. “We live in a beautiful, stunning and stunning planet. It’s awash with rich cultural and historical history amazing and diverse. Teachers are intrigued by the thought that they can integrate all aspects in their classes. Students, as opposed to students. They help them along their journey and encourage students to learn more on this journey. “

“Especially in these times when everything is messy and the environment isn’t easy, creating virtual tours using high-definition technologies can breathe fresh life into classes,” added Mr.Inbar.

in the previous three years, RobotLAB was the main partner of GoogleExpeditions and was the sole company that was authorized to market GoogleExpeditions kits across the globe. In the after-effects of Google’s decision to expand its efforts in virtual reality, and also to cease production of Google Day Dream as well as its Expeditions app, RobotLAB was decided to take this opportunity to team up together and EncyclopediaBritannica and to launch VRExpeditions 2.0 ™.

Teachers can select from the many possibilities available with the innovative software. You can opt to save your favorite local adventures, give students with educational materials through the use of Encyclopedia Britannica and show different scenarios to your students and even use within the class. The distinctive design was designed in collaboration with teachers and school administrators with a particular focus on the management of classrooms. This means that teachers will reduce time and make virtual fieldtrips much easier.

The app is well-integrated with the majority of Android phones that come with VR glasses. It is also compatible with Lenovo S3 and Pico, ClassVR, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and many other. It also works with tablets designed for teachers as well as students’ devices.

VRExpeditions 2.0 ™ doesn’t require an ongoing subscription or an annual expenditure. A single purchase of a license allows the schools to increase their budgets, and also not need to purchase similar content to the ones they previously purchased. Students don’t require Internet access since teachers control the virtual tour using their tablets. Additionally, based on the experiences of the past, and the data teachers want to save in memories on the computer used by the local teacher to ensure that students do not depend on the accessibility of services or availability of services. Internet access is accessible to classes.

This company provides three kits, all of which come ready-configured.

  • Standard 2.0 ™ Expeditions,
  • AR VR Expeditions2.0 ™ and
  • AdvanceExpeditions2.0 ™

The various kits allow students with various budgets the opportunity to take part in virtual excursions. In addition schools that already have installed equipment (student or teacher equipment) are able to upgrade their existing equipment to use VR Expeditions2.0 ™

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