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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GrubMarket BB #: 301166 today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Atlantic Fresh Trading BB #: 168165, a full service provider of fresh fruits and vegetables across the United States. United with offices in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, California and Texas. Atlantic Fresh is a well-established and long-standing supplier of products to a wide range of commercial customers including restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets and others. It maintains long-standing and diverse relationships between producers and many local and international producers.

Founded in 2002 by Jeffery and Jamy Rosenstein, Atlantic Fresh offers a variety of high quality fresh produce to meet the high demand for direct sales across the United States. With over 800 items available at any time, Atlantic Fresh supplies local and exotic fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world. In 2005, to meet the strong demand for Mexican fruits and vegetables, Atlantic Fresh opened a second branch in Nogales, Arizona, where it specializes in the sale of tomatoes. In 2010, Atlantic Fresh Donna, Texas and Atlantic Fresh Visalia, CA completed the company‘s third and fourth operations, focusing on both retail sales and food service. The Rosenstein family has been involved in the fresh produce industry for over 100 years. Hailing from the Produce Wholesale Terminal in Scranton, PA, the first wholesale operation was run by William Rosenstein and his two sons Eugene and Sidney Rosenstein. The business thrived in the same location for 50 years when it decided to expand outward. Over the past 40 years, the family business has added two more generations of product experience and expanded its presence across the country. After the acquisition, the business will continue to be managed by its current management team.

“We are delighted to join the GrubMarket team and welcome the opportunities offered by GrubMarket’s robust technology platform and network. We have long-standing relationships with top producers around the world, many of which are proprietary. Our mission is to provide dedicated services and the highest quality products to our customers. We are delighted to hear that GrubMarket shares this same mission. We sincerely look forward to joining the GrubMarket team and taking Atlantic Fresh to the next level of success. said Jeffery Rosenstein, CEO of Atlantic Fresh.

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According to Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket: “Atlantic Fresh is a fast growing supplier of fresh produce in the United States. The Rosenstein family has been in the industry for over a century. Atlantic Fresh’s talented team works with domestic and foreign growers and is a true value-added partner for their customers and growers nationwide. This acquisition allows GrubMarket to further strengthen our footprint on the east coast and deepen the integration between local and import capabilities supported by our software. We are delighted to welcome the Atlantic Fresh team to the GrubMarket family. Together, we will build a larger customer base and a stronger producer network in the global food ecosystem. “

Finally, Atlantic Fresh will now be able to use GrubMarket’s innovative proprietary WholesaleWare software suite, the company’s Software-as-a-Service platform that provides suppliers and vendors in the food industry with transparent financial management, orders and easy-to-use online sales, accurate inventory management and engaging CRM tools.

About GrubMarket
Founded in 2014, GrubMarket is a San Francisco-based food technology startup operating in both B2B and B2C food e-commerce space and providing related software-as-a-service solutions to solve food chain inefficiencies. American food supply. Currently, GrubMarket operates in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, with the intention of expanding to other parts of the country.


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