How the Modern Campus Agreement Can Streamline Learning Pathways |


Buying Presence could mean more engagement, retention and completion for the institutions they serve.

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The second of two groundbreaking business acquisitions that took place this week in the higher education tech space – 2U bought massive open online course provider edX for $ 800 million on Tuesday – could have a profound impact on the future success of students and the institutions they attend. .

Learning engagement platform Modern campus purchased Presence in an agreement that will expand its reach to more than 1,400 colleges and universities. Both will continue their missions of serving students on “learner-to-employee” paths with products that they believe can offer highly personalized experiences and help institutions better enroll and retain them.

“Learner engagement means everything to modern higher education institutions, as highly engaged learners graduate on time and are much more likely to view their post-secondary education as a lifelong partnership rather than just a transactional relationship of two or four years, ”said Brian Kibby, CEO of Modern Campus. “Not only does Presence provide the best platform for student engagement, they are equally obsessed with customer success.

The integration of Modern Campus and Presence will not only benefit students, but also provide a more solid platform to support colleges and institutions.

Modern Campus, which prides itself on being “part content management system, part student information system and part personalized engine”, will have access to Presence’s strengths, including its ability to help institutions keep up. student behavior and their models of involvement.

Through a single platform, Presence currently helps 250 colleges and universities to: streamline workflows and student access; improve engagement and remove barriers to involvement through automatic profiles; Track student engagement data through surveys and mobile reviews; identify trends in connected student information systems and stimulate extracurricular opportunities that can aid persistence and completion.

“The partnership with Modern Campus now gives us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with the campus,” said Reuben Pressman, Founder and CEO of Presence. “More than that, we’re excited to be part of a larger platform that aligns with our focus on highly personalized student experiences and enables student success.

Modern Campus offers three product suites – Omni CMS, Destiny One SIS, and DIGARC, the catalog and curriculum management software provider it recently acquired – that aim to create lifelong learning paths. of life for students.

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