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Whether you’re selling an online course, running a membership website, or planning to build a community, a straightforward enrollment process is essential for retaining users. The simpler the process, the more people who register on your website and the larger your audience will be.

A user registration form streamlines the registration process on your website. It’s a simple form asking visitors for basic information, and by filling in a few details, they can register on your site in no time. In this article, we’ll go over the process of creating an attractive user registration form.

Activate Membership Settings on Your Website

Before creating a user registration form, you must first enable the membership settings in WordPress.

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings.

WordPress dashboard menu

2. In General settings, activate the “anyone can register” box.

Enabling the membership setting so anyone can sign up

Install the Ultimate Member plugin

There are many ways to create a user registration form on your site, including using a plugin, custom code, or embedding the form directly on your website. In this article, we will use the help of the ultimate member plugin to create a simple registration form.

The Ultimate Member plugin allows you to easily add a user registration form to your WordPress website. This makes the registration process very easy for your visitors, increasing the number of registrations, ultimately leading to the success of your blog.

Here’s how to install the ultimate member plugin.

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New.

Installing a new plugin on the website

2. Search the plugin Ultimate member. Install and activate it.

Adding a new plugin from the WordPress plugins directory

Once installed, you will see the plugin in the list of active plugins.

The Ultimate Member plugin creates different pages including user page, login page, registration page, logout page, etc. when you click on the Create pages button.

Create a page notification box created after activating the plugin in WordPress

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Here you can see the list of pages that will be created.

List of pages added by the Ultimate Member plugin

How to access the pages created by the plugin

Follow the steps below to navigate to the page created by the plugin on your website.

1. Access your WordPress Dashboard> Pages> All Pages.

Pages option in the WordPress dashboard

2. Find the registration page in the list of pages and click view.

List of pages published on the website

3. Preview the registration form to make sure it contains everything you want to ask the user when registering on your website.

Registration form for new subscribers to register on the website

Add the pages created by the ultimate member plugin to the menu so that they are easily accessible from the frontend. Here’s how to do it:

1. Access your WordPress Dashboard> Appearance> Menus.

WordPress Dashboard Menu Appearance Settings

2. Select the pages you want to add to the menu.

Selecting pages to add to the website menu

3. Click on Add to menu.

Adding pages to the website menu

This will add the list of pages to the menu.

New Pages Added to Home Page Menu Items

4. After placing the pages in the respective menu, click on Save menu.

How to restrict pages based on user roles

The ultimate member plugin allows you to restrict pages based on user role or login status on your website.

Let’s see how you can restrict the registration page to only logged in users.

1. Click on the Registration page to open the drop-down menu.

Here you can select the type of users who can view the particular page of your website. These can be logged in users, logged out users, or everyone on the website.

Adjust settings to display specific pages to the relevant audience

2. From the Who can see this menu link? drop-down list, select Disconnected users.

Changing Registration Page Settings for Logged Out Users Only

This will display the registration page only to users who are not already logged in to your website. Likewise, you can also change the visibility settings of other pages.

3. Click on Save menu after changing the restrictions.

Apply the changes by clicking on the Save menu

Editing account and login page settings

While the account page should be shown to users who have paid for the subscription on your website, only logged out users should see the login page. To manage a membership website, these two parameters are of the utmost importance.

Follow the steps below to change account and login page settings.

1. Open the scrolling menu for the account page.

2. Change the settings for Everyone at Connected Users.

Showing account pages only to logged in users

3. Select The subscribers like the role of members who can see the menu link above.

Changing the roles of subscribers who can view the account page

4. For the login page, change access to Disconnected Users from the drop-down list.

Showing the login page to logged out users only

Once you’ve changed the page settings, don’t forget to click Save menu. From now on, the pages will be visible to the public according to their connection status.

Each time a user registers on your website, the details will be automatically stored on your website. This helps build a mailing list that you can use later to promote new offers to the same audience in the future.

How to check user details

You can track user details in your WordPress dashboard. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard> Users.

WordPress dashboard menu

2. Click on All to open the list of all users.

List of users on the website displayed in the WordPress dashboard

3. To see the details, click on the Info option under the name of each subscriber.

Show option under each user's name

A pop-up window will appear with all of the user’s details.

Pop-up window showing all details of registered users

Tracking the list of registered users from time to time will help you filter out users who have not continued their membership. That way, you can send them separate reminder emails to pay for the subscription or take their feedback on why they canceled their subscription.

How to activate email notifications

By enabling email notifications, you will be notified by email whenever someone signs up on your website.

1. Go to Ultimate member settings in the dashboard menu.

WordPress dashboard menu

2. Click on E-mail from the tabs.

Email tab in the ultimate member settings

3. Scroll to New user notification and click on the Settings (gear) right next to it.

Ultimate Member plugin settings page

4. Activate the option and click on Save changes.

Enabling the New User Notification Option in the Ultimate Member Plugin Settings

Now, every time a new user registers on your website, you will receive an email notification.

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Create user registration forms to facilitate the registration process

Although WordPress allows you to assign roles manually, it can be time consuming. The Ultimate Member registration plugin automatically assigns roles to users when registering on your website with form submission.

Without having any coding knowledge, beginners can easily create eye-catching user registration forms with user-friendly interface.

You can also enhance the appearance of registration forms with the settings available in the appearance settings. It helps to make your website more attractive to increase your website engagement rate.

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