How to Select Construction Safety Software

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People and fleet equipment are the most important investments of construction companies. When injuries and accidents happen, you lose productivity time, administrative costs, and you can gain a negative reputation for problems at work. Construction safety management software can protect your people, equipment and productivity.

Choosing the right safety management program for your business can improve talent recruitment and help retain employees. With a talent shortage in the construction industry, an investment in your construction safety program can offset investments in new hires and reduce turnover in your teams. Improve employee loyalty by showing that you care about your employees. If online results show an incident or other security issues, applicants may be discouraged. People want to work for companies that care about protecting their employees. So how do you select the best construction safety management software for your business?

How to Select Construction Safety SoftwareBy scanning security records, reports can be readily available in seconds, allowing security managers to create a proactive security program where you can stop potential security issues before something happens.Heavy Construction Systems Specialists Inc.

10 tips for choosing the right security management solution

Choose security management software that:

  • Ensures the digital transformation of manual processes. Instead of waiting days for paper tally sheets or notes to arrive in the office, foremen can record important safety information inspections on every piece of equipment used that day. Safety management software is even more powerful, with equipment inspections sent directly to the shop floor.
  • Identify trends, be proactive and measure improvements. Do you really understand the results of your security program? If you’re just looking at stacks of paper, it can be impossible to find trends and measure improvements. By digitizing all your security records, reporting is accessible in seconds. You can see the big picture, understand what’s really going on, and pivot quickly. Some security management programs only use forms where a digital security management program allows you to enter information and report on leading indicators. Data from leading indicators can help you create a proactive security program where you can stop potential security issues before something happens. How to Select Construction Safety SoftwareHaving a solution preloaded with templates can help target and organize safety meetings.Heavy Construction Systems Specialists Inc.
  • Helps develop a culture of safety in your crews. Foremen and safety managers are always prepared for the unexpected when your safety management software includes hundreds of toolkit discussions, comprehensive inspection reports, crew skill tracking and security trend reports that recommend if specific training topics are needed. Everything logged in your security management software is logged, so it only takes minutes instead of days to create quick reports for external compliance or internal reporting. Whether it’s faulty equipment or obvious defects, downtime can harm the entire business. When equipment fails due to an overlooked error, you risk shutting down your operation. With safety management software, project managers are always up to date as they receive safety information once it is submitted and can help take action to protect your personnel and equipment.
  • Offers real-time safety data and reports for increased communication and rapid change of security processes. Even if an incident occurs on another job site, your team can be alerted to the problem and ready for a change of plan.
  • Comes with hundreds of safety meetings, inspections and JHA templates, including updated resources for COVID-19 compliance, so your business can get up and running quickly. Make sure you can view these meetings, inspections and models daily and that the information is available by state and country.
  • Allows you to track meeting participants. Foremen can electronically record safety meetings and keep track of attendees by taking their photos and capturing their signatures. Make sure your safety management software includes built-in safety meetings and will keep track of all previous safety meetings. How to Select Construction Safety SoftwareMobile workforce management software has become essential in helping construction contractors prevent and reduce inherent risks. Simple software user interfaces make it easy to report a security observation.Heavy Construction Systems Specialists Inc.
  • Includes mobile app which enables field teams to report site safety inspections within minutes while in the field. You can also report near-misses to help reduce safety risks.
  • Offers an accessible library of inspection models, allowing the team to perform field inspections or create custom templates for equipment safety inspection. Keep all your inspections in one place for easy access and reporting purposes.
  • Anonymous reporting of unsafe practices. Snitches can prevent stitches by anonymously reporting unsafe practices on the jobsite. If someone observes an unsafe practice, they can scan a QR code posted on the job site and submit their observations anonymously. Make sure reports can be created in both English and Spanish to help bilingual teams communicate more easily.
  • Includes OSHA Compliant Incident Report. When an incident occurs, your team leader will fill in all relevant information associated with that incident through the incident forms on the app. Once the incident is sent to the office, the security officer can complete the rest of the incident and attach any additional forms as needed. These reports will be saved permanently for OSHA compliant record keeping.

Many construction companies will integrate their maintenance and repair shop software with a safety management solution. As inspections are performed, any failing items can be sent directly to the maintenance software. From there, fleet managers can add the alert to a work order for a repair to be performed. The status of the alert can be viewed in the security software and confirm that repairs have been made. By digitizing this information, paper reports cannot be lost. Communication between the field and the shop will help your team catch potential failures before they happen and prevent equipment downtime.

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