Keap Partner Program Wins Top Prize for Best Partner Experience


CHANDLER, Arizona., Dec 3 2021 / PRNewswire / – Keap, the leader in sales and marketing automation software for small business entrepreneurs, today announced it has won the 2021 award Best partner experience category in the SaaS Partnerships Awards presented by PartnerStack. The SaaS Partnership Awards are given to the best software companies that invest in and prioritize their partners. Keap has earned this honor by consistently creating a rich experience for its 5,700 global partners, providing them with training, resources, rewards and more.

As growth-conscious owners and their hard-working teams seek to scale their businesses quickly, they need trusted advisors to help them make complex decisions and reduce the chaos resulting from the integration of tools. basic acquisition, maintenance and sales. Keap’s Partner Program helps sales and marketing automation experts better serve these entrepreneurs and grow their own businesses at the same time.

“From the start, we have believed in the great value that partners bring to our customers, our business and our collective growth,” says Ankur Bhatnagar, senior vice president, partners and business development at Keap. “This is why we have evolved our partner program over the years, meticulously motivated by our commitment to partner success. We know that the achievements of our partners go hand in hand with the achievements of our clients, so we always find new ways to add value and enrich their experience. We are grateful for this award and the way it validates the rewarding environment we have created for our very important partners.

Keap’s strong partner program includes:

  • Certified partners, who have deep industry expertise and are often in the B2B world, serving in agencies, other marketing roles, as business consultants or web designers. They are the most involved type of partner, responsible for Keap sales, integration and customer service. Keap Certified Partners make 40% of all new sales and onboard 65% of new customers.
  • Reference partners, who receive a commission for referring Keap to new customers.
  • Influencers & Strategic Partners, who sell Keap at their events, recommend it to their followers, and collaborate on cross-promotion activities. Dave ramsey and Suzanne evans are two examples of stellar strategic partners.
  • Developer partners, which are software companies that create app integrations, plug-ins, or other connections between their technology and the Keap platform. They help customers increase the potency of Keap and achieve even better results.

To inspire, equip and help partners succeed, Keap provides digital resources, webinars, Partnerkon conference, the Keap Partner Facebook group and support from the Keap team. Partners receive everything they need to promote Keap’s solutions and services, and enjoy being part of the industry’s highest paying referral program. Each element of the partner program is designed to maximize partner empowerment, prepare them for success, and reward progress. Keap customers also benefit from this continued investment in partners, gaining key product information, using the software more competently, and achieving results faster.

To learn more about how to become a Keap Partner, please visit:

About Keap

For 20 years, Keap has helped liberate and empower small business entrepreneurs so they can strengthen their families, communities and the global economy. Keap has pioneered the sales and marketing automation software market with its Keap Lite, Keap Pro and Keap Max products as well as expert coaching. Based at Chandler, Arizona, the company is on a mission to simplify the growth of one million entrepreneurs worldwide by 2030. Keap is funded by Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Signal Peak Ventures.


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