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HARRISBURG, North Carolina, 23 Aug 2021 / PRNewswire / – KEYper Systems, a leading provider of electronic and mechanical key management systems for the automotive industry, and TrueSpot, a leader in tracking and mapping for dealer systems, announced today hui the availability of an integration between the two companies to extend geolocation-intelligence to key management platforms, adding even more traceability for car dealerships to locate, assign and manage their assets.

The collaboration between KEYper Systems’ patented MX electronic key management platform and TrueSpot’s patented Geo-Intelligence tracking technology, enables businesses to significantly reduce overhead costs by locating lost or misplaced keys and assets while increasing productivity. Additionally, the integration provides top-notch reporting functions via biometric access and PIN control options that track the withdrawal / return of an asset from the system, time stamp the occurrence, capture a picture of the user at the time of the transaction and improve critical operations such as repackaging, batch management and sales engagement.

With nearly industry-wide integrations into the Dealer Management System (DMS) and inventory partners, TrueSpot enables the next generation of dealership operations across North America. With KEYper, the partnership can also be networked with other dealerships, a benefit for those with multiple locations.

“I am pleased to announce that MX solutions from KEYper Systems can now be used with Geo-Intelligence markup from TrueSpot. TrueSpot is known for its real-time location services and our partnership provides next-level support and benefits to our customers, ”said Steve baucom, President, KEYper Systems.

“TrueSpot’s strategic relationship with KEYper Systems strengthens our collective leadership in tracking solutions for automotive dealerships”, noted Mike hanna, CEO, TrueSpot. “TrueSpot’s real-time location services can reduce key loss costs by 95% or more, and when integrated into the KEYper solution, we’ll combine the best of both worlds for dealers around the world. “

KEYper Systems and TrueSpot showcase their solutions at National Association of Independent Automobile Dealers (NIADA) Conference, 23-26 August 2021, in booth # 747 and 846.

For more information, contact:

Greg Lavespons

KEYper Systems

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Jason dyer

Real point

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About KEYper systems:

Since 1992, KEYper Systems has been a global provider of innovative key and asset control solutions. Situated at Harrisburg, North Carolina, KEYper offers a range of security methods, from mechanical cards to state-of-the-art electronic cabinets. KEYper Systems provides security solutions to the top 25 automotive groups in United States.

About TrueSpot:

TrueSpot® was founded in 2016 by a collaboration of mobile technology insiders and car dealership owners and operators to invent the industry’s first real-time tracking service, providing precise locations for cars, keys and more. With the realization of this technology, TrueSpot transforms day-to-day dealership operations with the industry’s most powerful and relevant batch management and recognition solutions. TrueSpot partners with key technology and industry players such as Microsoft, CDK Global and DealerBuilt â„¢, while being easily compatible with many other dealer technology partners such as Dealertrack â„¢ Technologies, vAuto®, DealerSync â„¢, HomeNetAuto â„¢ and many more. others.

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