Launched digital marketing and business automation software “Clickmatic”

Clickmatic helps small businesses grow by automating lead generation, customer conversations, deal tracking, and reputation management.

Greg founded Clickmatic to help local businesses grow. Observing how small businesses still fall victim to minor inconveniences, have less access to discounted prices on goods and services, and suffer from a lack of support and tools compared to larger businesses, he created a digital marketing and business automation software that helps small businesses thrive. The Clickmatics Local Business Boost platform helps businesses generate more leads and sales, in less time and with less hassle. Clickmatic improves local search visibility and online reputation, and automates much of the day-to-day follow-up work, such as answering calls, messaging, tracking offers and quotes. This is essential work, but business owners are often too busy to focus on growing their business.

In an exclusive interview with the local newspaper, Greg, the owner of Clickmatic shared the importance of local businesses. “They are the backbone of our economy,” Greg said. “Yes, it’s true, Clickmatic is the result of my frustration,” he added.

He decided to help small businesses by providing them with the tools and expertise that only large companies usually have access to. Greg has spent many years working for top tech companies in Silicon Valley. He fully understands the mechanism behind successful businesses. In its goal to build a profitable service with a mission of social good, Clickmatic was created with a vision to empower local business owners to thrive so they can bring prosperity and employment directly into their lives.

Greg further shared the recurring issue with local business owners. He highlighted several factors, such as lack of experience, knowledge, expertise and exposure, which can negatively impact business growth. “Local business owners are experts in their field, but not always up to date with effective marketing and automation techniques. As a result, many businesses are closing while they are still in the process of establishing themselves Local business owners are too often busy, but in the wrong way, trying to get everything done, working, managing teams, answering phones, writing offers and generating new leads. In many cases, they burn out or miss out on their opportunities for growth and success.Clickmatic will help share that burden by automating lead generation, customer conversations, deal follow-up, and reputation management. This will save a lot of time and money.” Clickmatic services are not limited to startups only. The service can be provided to successful businesses looking for a competitive advantage to help them grow faster.

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About Clickmatic

Clickmatic is a digital marketing and business automation software company that helps small businesses thrive. The service will allow small businesses to get more leads, more sales, in less time and with less hassle. It automates marketing, sales, and tracking so business owners can focus on what they do best: serving their customers and local communities.

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