Leeds City Council swallows Gartner glossary and orders ‘post-modern’ ERP to replace £ 44million SAP • The Register



Leeds City Council is looking for a replacement for its SAP HR and finance system in a bid to jump on the SaaSy train.

In one tender dossier, the public authority said it anticipates a 20-year relationship to replace its current core business applications.

She is looking for people and finance functions in human resources, payroll, finance and procurement software to assist users both within the authority and with external partners and organizations.

The council, which has a total budget of £ 525.7million for 2020/2021, said it wanted the shift to new software and application infrastructure “to be done through the implementation of ‘a business change program supported by the implementation of cloud-based solutions, fully integrated software as a service, human and financial solutions, using a post-modern ERP technology strategy. “

Now, post-modernism, enterprise software projects and Yorkshire public sector authorities are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, so either Leeds City Council has found a great way to deliver better value- price to the taxpayer, or he swallowed a factory of analysts jargon. .

Gartner, the ubiquitous global IT research company, coined the term “postmodern ERP” in the mid-2010s, claiming that the future of these notoriously difficult and expensive software projects does not lie with one vendor, but rather a balance “the advantages of integration provided by the supplier against the flexibility and agility of the company”.

Presumably following this trend, Leeds City Council said in its offer that it needed “the flexibility to remove and / or replace any number of the various components of the solution during the life of the contract” and that he reserved “the right to make and relevant changes related to the transformation program.

The contract could be worth up to £ 44million, is expected to start in October 2022 and could last until October 2042 when ERP trends may have changed and we will all be flying with personal jetpacks.

The RFP gives no idea which ERP system the board is about to walk away from, but several LinkedIn accounts suggest the authority is currently running the SAP HR 6.0 module for at least its people management business . The advice too extension of a SAP HR and payroll support contract at the end of last year.

SAP has struggled to retain local authorities in the UK. Birmingham City Council moved from SAP to Oracle from 2019, while Surrey County Council chose to switch from the German supplier to Unit4 last year. ®


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