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In November 2021, Opus Research announced LivePerson’s concurrent acquisition of Tenfold and Voicebase. The addition of voice recognition and analysis from VoiceBase combined with the integration of voice, messaging and CRM from Tenfold aligned with LivePeron’s product vision of creating a unified conversational AI system for ‘client experience. This marked the next step in LP’s approach to establishing what Daniel Sincavage, co-founder of Tenfold, calls a “common customer engagement model” supporting asynchronous conversations that take place on chat, messaging and voice channels.

The initiative now has a name

After a few months of post-acquisition adjustment and finishing, LivePerson today announced a rebranding campaign with the inquisitive tagline, “Curiously Human” along with new platform capabilities including advanced routing and self-learning technology.

  • Advanced Routing: LivePerson makes the leap from rules-based routing to AI-enabled dynamic routing that takes into account sentiment and intent as well as customizable policies (e.g. VIP customer identification) to route conversations where they are best served, whether bots or agents. Coming soon, LivePerson’s “dynamic actions” feature will enable automated, event-based routing rules. An example shared in the press release, “..if a flight is cancelled, an airline using dynamic actions can automatically send an alert to affected travelers and seamlessly connect them to an agent or designated AI to handle the new booking.”
  • Self-learning: Real-time conversation signals (e.g. user intent, conversation quality, sentiment scores) are measured and cross-referenced to help improve dialogue strategies and create a feedback loop. learning to “…understand users better, reset conversations to a known good state, and delegate to other capable bots and humans.

LivePerson’s new moniker “Curiously Human™” is a smart and apt way to describe their new and improved approach to analyzing and optimizing real-time customer experiences with conversational intelligence.

“In today’s digital world, people are looking for more personalized and humanized experiences. Brands have a huge opportunity to deliver and scale these experiences with us, as our conversational AI makes millions of conversations as personal as one,” said Rob LoCascio, Founder and CEO of LivePerson. “The vision we unveiled today will give people better access to trusted conversations that fulfill their most important intentions in everything from daily tasks and shopping to long-term health and safety goals. finance.”

LivePerson intends to differentiate its offerings by extending their unified conversational AI experience to highly personalized customers relationships. They call it “IQ plus EQ”, which means deep understanding, meaningful connections, and an attractive return on investment.

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