myWorkspace: launch the Amiga Workbench on Windows


The Commodore Amiga computer was ahead of its time in many ways when it launched. Part of the system was the mouse-controlled Amiga Workbench, a graphical user interface that provided Amiga users with an interface similar to interfaces in modern operating systems.

Download the latest version of the app from the linked Google Drive website and run the installer to add it to the system. Windows SmartScreen may display a warning prompt while running because it is new and not widely used. The program is only available for Windows at the time of writing.

The program adds an overlay to the Windows desktop that looks like a modern version of the Amiga Workbench. All the desktop icons remain in place, but the taskbar is replaced and you will notice that some basic functions have changed. MyWorkbench is not an Amiga emulator; you cannot use the program to launch Amiga applications, for example from ADF files. An Amiga emulator, WinUAE or other, is required to run Amiga games and applications on Windows machines.

You can exit the interface in the upper left corner. Hold down the right mouse button and select the Exit option to do so.

To note: The application changes the style of the mouse pointer and did not restore the default Windows style on exit. it is restored

view from myworkspace drive

If you have used the Amiga Workbench before, you will feel right at home. Windows users who haven’t done so will need some time to adjust to different workflows.

MyWorkbench includes several tools that can be run; this includes, among others, media players. The music player supports mods among other formats, but is rudimentary compared to Windows music players like AIMP or even Winamp. Normal Windows programs can be started from the interface. Desktop icons and taskbar icons are provided to launch them.

Closing words

MyWorkbench brings the Amiga Workbench experience to Windows devices. The app offers an interesting experience, but it lacks basic features, such as the ability to run Amiga programs and games, while using it. For now, users may want to resort to Amiga emulators for this, provided they have access to a Kickstarter ROM, which is required to use these emulators.

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myWorkspace: launch the Amiga Workbench on Windows

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myWorkspace: launch the Amiga Workbench on Windows

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MyWorkbench is a free program for Microsoft Windows systems that launches an Amiga Workbench interface on the Windows desktop when it is run.


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