New CRO Unqork to help replace legacy business software


  • Code-free startup Unqork has hired a new revenue director to guide its future growth.
  • Unqork has the ambitious goal of replacing all legacy business software, from Salesforce to Oracle.
  • The new CRO Philip Lacor is responsible for attracting more corporate clients and marketing to developers.

Unqork, a startup that allows customers to build apps without needing to code, has an extremely ambitious goal: The five-year-old company wants to replace all traditional business software, CEO Gary Hoberman told Insider.

“We support the software,” Hoberman said. “We are the future of software.”

To achieve this, the company hired a new chief revenue officer to guide its future growth.

Philip Lacor joins the company as CRO after a stint with workplace technology company Envoy in the same role and brings more than two decades of experience in enterprise technology through sales and development roles. customer contact at Dropbox and Dell.

Hoberman believes Unqork’s codeless platform can be used to replace any business software in use today, whether it’s HR applications, CRM tools, finance software. and accounting, database technology, etc. The company’s selling point is that traditional software tools are very expensive with unnecessary functionality, while its platform allows teams to create exactly what they really need, easily, at a fraction of the cost.

Essentially, he’s trying to get the world’s biggest companies to shift their IT spending from tools like Salesforce or Oracle or Microsoft to Unqork, where they can easily – and inexpensively – build a version of those tools themselves.

“100%” of software spending made outside of Unqork will become obsolete over time, Hoberman said, while customers will never have to worry about tools becoming useless with his platform because they can. quickly update them with all the features of their choice.

So far, the company has signed big clients like Liberty Mutual and Goldman Sachs and also gained popularity during the pandemic for helping New York, Washington DC and other major cities. create portals to help citizens with COVID testing and more.

Currently, Unqork charges customers per created application, but plans to roll out a second pricing model targeting engineering teams where it will have a single license covering as many tools as needed.

Gary Hoberman

Gary Hoberman, CEO of Unqork


The startup has convinced some prominent supporters of its vision, including BlackRock and Goldman Sachs: Its last $ 207 million Series C funding round in October valued the company at $ 2 billion. The company eventually wants to go public, although that’s not something Hoberman expects to do anytime soon.

In the meantime, it will face stiffer competition from large enterprise software players like Microsoft and Salesforce, which are increasingly investing in their own tools to build apps with little or no code.

Lacor is joining the company a year after hiring its first CFO, and he will be essential in helping Unqork to be competitive.

For his part, Lacor was convinced to join this startup because of what he sees as a huge opportunity.

“The enterprise software market is worth over $ 500 billion. So it’s a huge, huge market. And I’ve seen a lot of companies looking for a competitive edge and looking to get it through software, but the problem is they can’t get developers to create code, ”Lacor said. “With what Unqork has done so far, they’ve already shown that they can disrupt the way software is built. “

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