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The inevitable march towards digital communications with customers is fully embraced by NICE and embodied in a wave of product upgrades announced at its Analyst Summit in Jackson, WY. The company’s line of products and services is related to AI and automation, omnichannel routing, advanced workflows, real-time support and what Tim Harris, Product Manager for CXone, calls “Invisible intelligence”.

NICE executives cited a striking figure where 81% of customer journeys begin with digital interactions (search engines, apps, website visits, social interactions), leaving a paltry 19% of customers seeking direct assistance from a contact center and an agent to resolve their issues. John Wilcutts, vice president and general manager of NICE Digital Solutions Group, describes these conversations as “massively asynchronous”. Whatever the entry point, a successful customer experience requires leveraging real-time customer journey data that needs to be contextualized, enriched, and converted into actionable conversational intelligence. It is a complex problem that requires a well-orchestrated solution.

To this end, NICE has established an important new partnership with Amelie, formerly IPsoft, a provider of intelligent assistant solutions. Powering CXone SmartAssist, Amelia enables organizations to build and deploy efficient and intelligent self-service assistants using both voice and text. NICE presented a series of smart assistant demos tailored for use cases such as choosing a new health insurance provider or scheduling doctor’s appointments.

CXone Smart Agent Hub is at the heart of NICE’s intelligent virtual assistant strategy, allowing customers and prospects to point to “the AI ​​of their choice” (or really the NLU of their choice, like Dialogflow, Lex, Watson , etc.) By recognizing the discrete silos of expertise on a contextual, bot-based basis, NICE clients can apply labels, extract information, and continue the conversation using any smart assistant. Through integrations into back-end transactional systems, customers can develop asynchronous and persistent customer conversations and interactions across any channel.

NICE too unveiled the CXi, a framework that is decidedly not centered on contact centers for multichannel digital communications. Still with the aim of contextualizing ongoing interactions, CXi overlaps multiple communication channels – voice (IVR / ACD), digital channels, scripted automation, knowledge management, intelligent automation (more than robots) – for free CX orchestration -full service. EnlightenAI serves as the recipient platform to channel all customer entry points to help prepare agents with real-time support, training, supervisor planning, and comprehensive performance metrics. Data and AI are the glue to deliver on CXi’s promise.

Indeed, NICE has an enviable amount of conversational data assets and historical records (based on 35 billion customer interactions each year) used to create machine learning and AI models ready for the market. use. This includes powering a product known as Enlighten XO that helps robots be smarter, extend quality and compliance, and optimize routing and agent experiences. Enlighten can personalize interactions in the moment, automate decisions based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and proactively improve future experiences. These are characteristics that can move the industry forward and are driven by the perceived needs of customers and prospects.

Winners in the conversational AI space will need access and tight control over the data in this journey, either from open APIs with cross-platform capabilities, or they will own the entire stack. . This is the proposed power of the NICE Enlighten AI solution, they have all the data. If you own the stack and you own the data, you have a head start.

As front bot contact centers become the norm, the bot itself and its NLU model starter pack will become commodities, we will be cutting corners to compare their baseline performance. The innovation and opportunity lie in the quality of conversational intelligence that propels the bot with context, improved containment options and measurably improves the customer and agent experience.

NICE defines CCaaS 3.0: a first digital, omnichannel, real-time solution to intelligently respond to customers, manage entire interaction, and successfully resolve needs-related events, even beyond the contact center. NICE overlaps some of the gaps that are presented based on what you think is in a “full stack” of solutions for CCaaS and whether that covers UCaaS and elements of a CPaaS. Either way, he transcends that choice by taking a customer-centric (or journey-centric) approach.

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