Provincial support for CEQD training initiatives

The Quinte Economic Development Commission and training initiatives supported by the organization are seeing increased funding.

The provincial government is providing $1.3 million to meet labor needs in the manufacturing sector.

Bay of Quinte MPP and Energy Minister Todd Smith says there are great opportunities in this sector and the region needs to be prepared for the coming boom.

“We are going to see the roaring 2020s, I strongly believe we are going to see that. We are already experiencing it now. All sorts of different businesses are currently talking with Chris {King} and the team here at QEDC to fill vacant buildings or even new builds in the area to create more manufacturing opportunities and more great jobs for people inhabitants of the Quinte region.

The funds will support 40 people looking to enter manufacturing through Elevate Plus, as well as 760 workers to upgrade and upgrade their skills.

QEDC CEO Chris King was delighted with the announcement, saying the manufacturing sector employs more than 11,000 people and contributes more than half of the region’s economic output; he says the sector is not getting enough attention.

“I don’t think manufacturing is getting the attention it deserves, and we certainly recognize that at Quinte Economic Development. This is our largest employment sector. Half of our economic output is manufacturing. Some of the highest salaries in the community, there’s innovation, there’s automation, advanced technologies, great equipment, robotics; and it is a creator of wealth. Many of our companies manufacture products here.

Funding is already earmarked for a few cohorts with Loyalist College for new hire through Elevate Plus, and there will also be funding for existing manufacturers to provide third-party training to their workforce.

Chandy Davis, president of the Quinte Manufacturers Association, says the support allows them to do more for employees.

“And help us adopt new technologies to train them, satisfy them, make them grow and learn more. So we really appreciate that to train more than 800 people.

QEDC will also engage the Corporate Training Division of Loyalist College and the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Center to train participants.

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