* Response to changing business practices in a post-Covid era. Helps Clients Achieve Their Career Goals at Higher Levels*

RIVERHEAD, NY, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — International Executive Coach Robert Paulson today launched new enterprise SOLUTIONS to meet the needs of executives in this changing business world.

“Many business people are experiencing widespread post-Covid stagnation. There are twists and turns in how professionals navigate the global business marketplace with new variables like managing and motivating remote workers, redesigning employee assessments or field tracking-related technology,” Paulson said. He added, “Now is the time to invest in your management, empowering you to be a more effective leader in this changing business landscape.”

Having been a successful executive coach for over a decade, Robert Paulson offers comprehensive conversational feedback plans for its clients, which include an in-depth 360-degree leadership training module for middle to senior managers, vice presidents, senior vice presidents, executive vice presidents, CEOs and the chief operating officers.

“I work with each client individually, listening and sharing peer feedback to create an exclusive plan for you to move forward in your career,” Paulson added.

Dan Ritchie, Learning Development Manager at H2M Architects, said: “I had no idea what to expect from Robert when I decided to take executive coaching with him. Robert made a few suggestions that took me out of my comfort zone and had a big impact on my life I will be recommending Robert as a secret weapon to my business leaders who need a personal business coach .

Robert Paulsoninternational executive coach, specializes in active listening and a results-oriented communication style developed on the principles of Dale Carnegie’s Modalities of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Marshall Goldsmith’s leadership methodologies. by Robert Paulson Dynamic hands-on coaching through conversational feedback plans produces effective leaders who are more successful and maintain top positions in their respective fields.

After a professional loss in finance that left Robert searching for a more meaningful path, Robert Paulson registered in Dale Carnegie coaching. Based on Dale Carnegie’s principles of interpersonal relationships, this philosophy provides an ethical practice on how positive thinking helps people feel and therefore succeed. With his own insights and experiences, Robert infuses his unique modalities to develop beneficial solutions.

Robert Paulson is available as a resource for business content writers, journalists, podcasters, and influencers to discuss management styles, changing business paradigms, and what makes a good leader, among other topics at how people perceive how they interact with others.

“I want to help other executives avoid losing career change opportunities that will improve their lives,” Paulson said. Robert Paulson can be found at

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