Ross Unveils New Xpression Tessera One Graphical LED Display Control System

Ross has announced the release of XPression Tessera One – a new all-in-one solution that delivers over six million broadcast-quality pixels to deliver engaging content to LED displays and video walls in news studios. Released in 2017, XPression Tessera was developed specifically to allow sports and entertainment venues to drive real-time pre-rendered and rendered graphics on any resolution LED display at unlimited pixel resolutions.

Tessera One is a complete LED content management system that includes customizable XPression graphical templates and DashBoard control panels, which provide a simple and intuitive control interface that anyone can use. For sporting events, customers can choose to create their own graphics or take advantage of Tessera One’s library of predefined and customizable graphic templates for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. Either way, Tessera One helps clients produce dynamic, data-driven content that will engage fans and generate new revenue through enhanced sponsorship opportunities.

Tessera One is a simple, compact, affordable and powerful system. Its slim 1RU chassis offers up to three 1080P HD outputs, which can be mapped to fill more than six million LED pixels. It also uses low latency video input processing with three frame latency. This means that a video input signal passing through Tessera One with composite graphics on it will not distract fans in the stands. What they see on screen will appear at the same time as on the playing surface or stage.

“XPression Tessera has helped unlock new levels of creativity with its ability to render graphics on the largest and most extraordinary LED displays,” comments Patrick Twomey, Director of Graphics Product Management. “Tessera One makes this job even easier, and by delivering even more value, Ross opens up the powerful world of Tessera to a whole new group of customers.”

Whether displaying live event video with scoring, driving ribbon cards or additional auxiliary displays for fan engagement, Tessera One offers the same set of features as a Tessera system. traditional in a cost effective all-in-one solution. And to complete your Ross Venue Control experience, Tessera One also provides licenses for XPression INcoder and DataLinq. INcoder allows users to import video files using a watch folder-based workflow, and DataLinq makes it even easier for less experienced users to view scores or real-time data.

“Tessera One is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a cost-effective, all-in-one graphics system for their sports venue,” notes Kevin Cottam, Vice President of Sports and Live Events. “Tessera One enables any size venue or studio to take advantage of the power and creative flexibility of Xpression Tessera to engage fans with enhanced storytelling tools and increase sponsorship revenue.”

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