Samsung Introduces Industry’s First Open Source Software Solution for CXL Memory Platform



Seoul, South Korea – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today introduced the first open source software solution, the Scalable Memory Development Kit (SMDK), specifically designed to support Compute Express Link (CXL) memory platform. In May, Samsung unveiled the industry’s first CXL memory expansion that allows memory capacity and bandwidth to scale to levels far exceeding what is possible in current server systems. Now, the company’s CXL platform extends beyond hardware to offer easy-to-integrate software tools, making CXL memory much more accessible to developers of data center systems for emerging intelligence markets. artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and 5G. .

CXL interconnect is an open, industry-backed standard that allows different types of devices such as accelerators, memory expanses, and intelligent I / O devices to perform more efficiently when processing workloads. high performance computing.

“For data centers and enterprise systems to run next generation memory solutions like CXL smoothly, the development of the corresponding software is a necessity,” said Cheolmin Park, team vice president. of memory product planning at Samsung Electronics. “Today, Samsung is strengthening its commitment to providing a total memory solution that encompasses both hardware and software, so that IT OEMs can integrate new technologies into their systems much more efficiently.”

Adoption of CXL memory is made easy without the need to modify the application

Samsung’s SMDK allows main memory and CXL memory expander to work together seamlessly in heterogeneous memory systems. The complete software kit consists of libraries – pre-built, reusable sets of code – and application programming interfaces (APIs) – the connections to access that software code. Using the SMDK, system developers can easily incorporate CXL memory into advanced computer systems without having to modify existing application environments, or use it to optimize application software settings to meet requirements. specific system needs.

The industry’s first software-defined memory management

The new SMDK also supports memory virtualization, allowing system designers to efficiently manage a large memory pool in shared memory architectures. By leveraging a proprietary intelligent tiering engine, the SMDK can identify and configure the most appropriate memory type, capacity, and bandwidth for each use case.

Samsung’s SMDK is now available on a limited basis for initial testing and optimization and will be open source in the first half of next year. Samsung will continue to improve its open source SMDK by working closely with industry leaders to expand adoption of the CXL memory platform for wide use in AI, edge and cloud applications.

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