Sequence of Success: Best Practices for Implementing Insurtech


Jason Liu, CEO of Zywave

From agency management systems and quote automation to customer portals, online registration and content management, there are many insurtech solutions designed to help insurance agencies improve customer service. , streamline operations and drive growth. The challenge, says Jason Liu, CEO of Zywave, is where to start to get the most out of the agency’s investment and gain market share.

“The insurance industry is changing exponentially and COVID-19 has only accelerated digital transformation,” says Liu. “But when agencies buy one-off digital tools, they often end up with a bunch of unsuitable toys that don’t fit and work well together. It is therefore essential for companies to have a strategic roadmap that sequences the types of technologies in which to invest and when.

There are six basic systems that every agency needs, according to Liu, who divides them into three categories for sequencing.

  • Fundamental data systems, including an agency management system (AMS) and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Automation force multipliers, such as setup, pricing, quote automation (CPQ), marketing automation, and a content management system (CMS)
  • Customer portal capabilities, including self-service tools, online registration, HR applications and learning management systems (LMS)

“The six core systems – AMS, CRM, CPQ, Marketing Automation, CMS, and Client Portals – are equally important and must work together for an agency to be truly successful,” says Liu. “I recommend starting with Anchor Data Systems, your AMS, and your CRM. This is where information about your customers and prospects resides, and it should be the foundation of a business’s technology stack.

Implementing AMS and CRM systems is generally a daunting task, often requiring several months for these applications to be up and running. Liu encourages companies not to wait until their AMS and CRM systems are fully deployed before adding what he calls “quick wins.” Layering in marketing automation, content management systems, or quoting tools can produce immediate results that impact bottom line and help keep the agency team excited about the technology strategy of the business. ‘business.

“Once companies have their anchor systems and quick wins in place, the next step is to develop a strategy on how to interact with customers digitally,” Liu said. “There are all kinds of one-off products you can buy to improve the customer experience, but it’s important to take a strategic, grassroots approach that eases customers into technology and maximizes ROI. “

“As a leading provider of end-to-end software platforms for delivery agencies, Zywave is partnering with companies to create a roadmap for the deployment of integrated cloud-based systems in a logical, sequenced sequence. on the value that prepares companies for digital in the long term. success, ”says Liu.

For additional information on the changing insurance landscape and how to navigate the digital transformation, download the free eBook co-authored by Jason Liu and Don Bailey, The Sales Revolution – Digital Disruption Demystified: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Agency Growth.


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