Silvano announces token sale on P2PB2B for its innovation

Manaus, Brazil, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Silvano, a Brazilian cattle rancher’s online management system, has announced that its token sale will go live on the P2PB2B exchange. The token sale will be live until February 15, after the token sale, the P2PB2B exchange will list the token. Silvano can greatly improve beef production with its advanced technologies. It also helps to monitor livestock weight. Cattle farmers can apply it at any time in the life of their animals.

The Silvano product line aims to increase agricultural productivity. This device collects weight data, analyzes it and makes recommendations for changes to help farmers increase production and profits. Silvano’s method is based on empirical data that indicates when is the best time to sell livestock. SVR, a utility token, is also available. According to the Royalty Funding Agreement, token holders will earn 1% of gross hardware and software revenue. Some of the key features of the Silvano management system include:

  • Profitable: Best value for money with easy installation designed by employees;
  • Weighing: No need to stress the animal every day or use employees to collect cattle weights.
  • Web synchronization: Mobile access to data and better management of the farm from anywhere.
  • Statistical analyses: To help make better decisions, it displays the GMD (Average Daily Gain) of the animal’s weight;
  • Secure storage: Back up the data and make sure it reaches the smartphone.
  • Own solar panel and battery: In full autonomy, the system turns off and turns on automatically in the presence of livestock.

The main purpose of tokenization is to generate revenue for the launch and operation of the project. According to the royalty funding agreement, the native token confers royalty rights in excess of 1% of gross sales of hardware and software. This project will be able to make smart contracts thanks to a token that has been distributed on the Binance Smart Chain.

To provide similar royalty funding, the project issues tokens. Every buyer of the token will have the opportunity to be part of this unique and innovative company. Native token holders can receive periodic airdrop payouts in the form of BUSD, BNB, or a combination of both. Silvano’s royalty financing agreement specifies the terms of the airdrop. The total amount of tokens is ten million (10,000,000). In Brazil, there is a large, untapped market, and the more units sold, the more royalties projects can pay. In 2022, it should sell 340 units. Then there could be about 3000 units every year. Royalties are expected to be distributed at a rate of $40 per unit sold.

How Silvano aims to help Brazilian livestock farmers?

Agriculture and environmental preservation can coexist with the use of advanced technologies. Increasing supply chain visibility can help the Brazilian meat sector reduce deforestation and habitat conversion, expand market share, and maintain economic sustainability. Farmers benefit from smart farm management technologies. Silvano’s equipment helps farmers achieve better results by providing relevant cattle weight monitoring solutions. Silvano’s approach is based on the most efficient livestock management principles, which can help users produce more meat in less space.

Silvano is a Brazilian breeder’s online beef management system. Its state-of-the-art technology helps cattle farmers dramatically increase beef production. It was created to make it easier to track livestock weight. Farmers can make good use of it throughout the life of their animals. Silvano offers a state-of-the-art solution focused on increasing agricultural production. The technology captures weights and sends them to a cloud database for analysis and ideas for improvement, allowing farmers to increase production and profits. Silvano’s approach is based on real-world data that indicates when the best time is to sell livestock.

Silvano aims to revamp the cattle market with his services

Cattle ranching has exploded in popularity in the Brazilian Amazon over the past decade. According to studies, the herd grew by 200% between 1993 and 2013, reaching a population of around 60 million. Meanwhile, an area the size of Italy has been deforested. Brazil is at the forefront of a market that is expected to grow by 35% over the next two decades. Brazil is the world leader in this field due to factors such as its strong cattle ranching culture, suitable climate and vast terrain.

The demand for beef is increasing both at home and abroad, and it is high time for Brazil to increase its beef production in order to strengthen the country’s economy. Brazil needs to solve its deforestation problem in addition to increasing meat production. To become an environmentally conscious country, Brazil must adopt sustainable practices and Silvano aims to help the country achieve this with his expertise.

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