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AUSTIN, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SkyGrid, a Boeing company, SparkCognition, today announced that it has launched a new remote UAV autonomous operations capability to allow flight managers and operators to control and perform flights from remote locations. Using artificial intelligence and a wide range of airspace related data streams, SkyGrid enables safe remote operations for missions involving one or more drones.

Organizations can use SkyGrid to facilitate routine inspections over an area of ​​interest and generate optimal flight paths for multiple flight segments. These optimized segments are then linked automatically to create complete routes. The company’s advanced route generation capabilities create the safest route for each drone based on flight plan, environmental conditions, vehicle performance and mission criteria with minimal on-site assistance required for them. flight operations. With the new remote UAV operations functionality, SkyGrid will now allow remote operators to create and deploy these automated missions to a geographically distributed fleet of air vehicles.

In addition to enabling the remote management of drone fleets and the creation of missions, SkyGrid Launch also enables the consolidation of video feeds from drones to a remote central location, such as a ground station. Operators can choose to integrate with precision landing and docking stations for full autonomy and access all flight measurements and visualizations on a single dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. For full regulatory compliance, operators and ground pilots are kept “in the know” and can take over whenever necessary. SkyGrid recommends that all customers and users obtain all necessary regulatory approvals for remote operations or for managing multiple drones.

“This solution allows drone operators to optimize their human resources and reduce the cost of UAV operations. Drones deployed at multiple sites can now be easily operated from control centers. Subject to regulatory approvals, SkyGrid customers can upgrade or replace on-site pilots and enable higher egress rates at lower cost, ”said Amir Hussein, CEO and Founder of SkyGrid. “SkyGrid Launch enables important use cases such as unmanned public safety surveillance, inspection of pipelines, mines and construction projects to be addressed nationally or even globally. “

SkyGrid is a partner of Raytheon Technologies and has fully integrated with its Multiplatform Automation Rehosting (MARS) solution to launch UAV operations remotely.

“Using our MARS technology with the launch of SkyGrid will improve the operator experience and allow them to scale and expand their operations,” said Denis donohue, Vice President, Communications and Airspace Management Systems for Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “Operators can manage everyone on one dashboard for a seamless experience. SkyGrid is a strategic partner and with Raytheon’s decades of experience in controlled airspace, together we will unleash the full potential of unmanned aviation. “

About SkyGrid

SkyGrid, a Boeing company, SparkCognition, is powering the next generation of autonomous aviation. As the only airspace management system based on AI and blockchain technologies, SkyGrid solves the industry’s biggest challenges by integrating unmanned aircraft into complex and rapidly changing airspace. SkyGrid’s intelligent system monitors, predicts and adapts to changing environmental conditions, aircraft performance and regulatory dynamics to safely enable a wide variety of commercial drone operations, from package deliveries to air taxis. SkyGrid is also an FAA approved LAANC service provider, providing flight clearances to thousands of drone operators in the United States.

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