Software giant Adobe is recruiting for its legal and government team

  • Adobe’s legal department is a “strategic partner” to its company, its general counsel told Insider.
  • The software giant’s 300-employee legal team recruits from major law and law schools.
  • The company offers additional time off and pro bono opportunities to recruit talent.

Tech company lawyers used to play a compliance role. Today, they are an integral part of the business, providing strategy advice and more.

Adobe, which has 300 employees in its legal team, is no different. The software giant is actively recruiting lawyers to fill more than a dozen vacancies, according to its general counsel, Dana Rao.

“At Adobe, we’re looking for attorneys who are true, hands-on experts in their specialty area of ​​law and enjoy working in teams,” Rao said in an email to Insider. “Working as an in-house lawyer is very different from working in a law firm: although knowledge of the law is essential, our team members must also have the ability to apply this knowledge to find concrete business solutions. that advance Adobe’s goals.”

Adobe is hiring across Big Law and directly into law schools

Adobe has some 25,000 employees worldwide and has grown its legal and government relations team. Rao said he was looking for experienced lawyers with expertise in areas such as privacy and security.

“Many of the opportunities Adobe faces — from data, privacy and security to the new competitive environment — require a sophisticated and deep understanding of Adobe’s business to chart the right course,” Rao told Insider.

But Adobe also hires lawyers straight out of law school. Extensive legal experience is not required.

Adobe is recruiting from law schools in the United States and Europe to “support transactional areas,” according to Adobe representative Andrew Cha.

“We believe the experience they gain from being part of the in-house legal team is comprehensive enough to give them the right training they need to grow their careers,” he said.

In addition to legal expertise, Adobe seeks attorneys with an understanding of business strategy and ease with Adobe’s suite of software tools.

“Knowledge of and first-hand experience using Adobe products such as Photoshop, Acrobat, or one of our digital marketing applications is especially helpful for Legal department hires, as it gives them both additional insight problems we are trying to solve and allows them to foster a deeper connection with the teams that create our technologies,” said Rao.

Adobe hopes to attract lawyers with holidays and flexible hours

Like other Big Tech companies competing for Big Law salaries, Adobe promotes quality-of-life benefits to lawyers seeking work-life balance.

During the pandemic, Adobe introduced monthly company leave and an additional 20 days off each year for employees “directly affected” by the pandemic or natural disasters. It also allows flexible hours for parents, caregivers and others who need it, according to the company.

The company said it is also making room for lawyers to engage in pro bono work advising entertainment talent, including filmmakers and musicians, and helping inventors patent their work.

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