Software Source Code Firm Provides “Safety Net” for Critical Data



Most modern businesses rely on software vendors to advance a variety of critical goals, thereby exposing themselves to certain risks. Meanwhile, vendors stand to lose significant revenue if companies manage their software on their own. As a neutral third party, NSE is designed to appease potential aggravations on both sides, Baka said.

“Again, it’s like an insurance policy – vendors protect their interests and businesses know they can always maintain an investment in their software,” Baka said. “My department maintains the sales cycle for both the company and the supplier.”

NSE offers single licensee services as well as arrangements where a vendor will enroll multiple organizations in a licensee agreement. Baka end users are typically larger organizations – in finance, healthcare, and other industries – keen to partner with smaller software vendors who may be new to the market.

“Organizations understand that software brings value,” Baka said, “but the size of the vendor raises concerns that conditions will arise where the vendor will not be able to continue operating.”

NSE has 2,000 supplier and organization customers, a portfolio that includes national customers as well as suppliers and end users in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Along with its source code offerings, Baka’s company provides archival services to document vital intellectual property, encryption keys, and copyright works.

“We also do hardware design, but 90% of our business is source code,” Baka said.

The certificate of independence management company KeyFactor has engaged NSE to operate its master escrow services. Joshua Dunham, the company’s data center support manager, praises this unique protection in a rapidly changing technological environment where businesses want fundamental warranties on the products and services they have paid for.

For KeyFactor, which provides certificate management and cryptography to more than 100 domestic and international customers, NSE represents a “safety net” that secures a customer’s most sensitive and critical electronic systems. Dunham describes the physical material transfers as a scene from a spy movie, but he’s happy to have a local company that offers a high level of security.

“What’s special is the personal touch – David is friendly and diligent and knows the role his service plays for our clients,” said Dunham. “During the pandemic, we had to find ways to make these transfers, and David has always been able to do it.”


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