Splice presents its court management system and changes the spelling of its name



Today, Splice announced the launch of Yard Spot, its integrated yard management system application built on the foundation of Splice. The cloud-based application combines multiple data sources into a common operating view to reduce turnaround times, avoid holding costs, and increase container yard productivity.

Yard Spot displays location data from global positioning system (GPS) and electronic recording devices (ELD), operational data from transportation management systems and terminals, and real-time locations of fixed and mobile cameras. Integrating disparate data sources provides a complete picture of the job site to find equipment quickly and easily, and helps prioritize movements for dispatch operations.

“Yard Spot enters the market when effective yard management is essential,” said Kevin Speers, CEO of Splice. “Its benefits go far beyond knowing where the equipment is located. Yard Spot helps conserve valuable truck power, reduce equipment delay costs and reduce yard congestion.

The visual representation of construction sites by Yard Spot has many advantages:

– Know where containers and equipment are located in real time to allow trucks to quickly enter and exit your facility.

-Prioritize dispatch movements to reduce per diems and detention costs by having the last day free, entry / exit door, empty / full mapped to the location of the equipment.

-Audit the yard from anywhere, anytime and use the common operations view to see potential issues and resolve them immediately.

“Yard Spot is powered by Splice’s integration platform, and it shows how we can stack applications that otherwise can’t communicate with each other to create a whole new tool,” said Chris Ruddick, COO of Splice. “Splice is continually adding integrations that will strengthen Yard Spot and our overall ability to improve supply chain logistics. Splice can integrate EDI, APIs, sensors and IoT devices, which opens up a whole new level of visibility, analysis and automation for Yard Spot users.

In addition, Splice has announced that it has changed the spelling of its name. “The magic of Splice is analogous to splicing the rope. We take existing applications and data and combine them to create something stronger and more useful for supply chain and logistics operations, ”said Speers. “The name highlights many facets of our value, and by using the accepted spelling of splice, we can better articulate the benefits of our solutions.” Formerly written as Splyc, the company is rolling out updates to its visual identity and brand. Learn more about Splice at www.splice-it.com.

For more information on Yard Spot, visit www.splice-it.com/yard-spot.


About the splice

Splice is a supply chain logistics solutions platform that helps applications that would otherwise be disconnected share data and communicate with each other. It grew out of the need for integration-driven innovation to accelerate information flows, streamline supply chains, and eliminate manual and error-prone processes. We facilitate work with partners and between organizations. Splice is accelerating digital transformation through integration-enabled automation, and we are continually expanding our library of integrations. By stacking applications and data sources on Splice, we can create point solutions like Yard Spot, our integrated yard management system. We value interconnectivity and inclusion, and we look forward to hearing from you. Learn more about Splice at www.splice-it.com.

For media questions and conversations, please contact Kevin Speers at 757-530-5300 or [email protected]


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