Spotify is expected to overtake Apple Podcasts in the US by the end of the year



Spotify will have more US users listening to podcasts on its service than Apple Podcasts by the end of 2021, according to a new forecast released this week.

In a report released Monday, eMarketer predicts that Spotify will have an average of 28.2 million monthly podcast listeners by the end of the year. This compares to the 28 million monthly listeners expected for Apple podcasts.

While the research firm expects the market to slow in the coming years, Spotify is expected to swallow more of the pie through 2025. The streaming giant is expected to gradually increase its podcast listeners base over the next few years. over the next four years to reach 43.6 million users per month, or about 12.7% of the US population.

Apple Podcasts, meanwhile, have “essentially stagnated” and will reach 29.1 million monthly listeners by 2025, according to the report.

Currently, 117.8 million people in the United States listen to at least one podcast per month, or 35.2% of the population. That number is expected to rise to 131.2 million listeners in 2023. Likewise, 40% of internet users will listen to a podcast at least once a month this year, a figure expected to rise to 45% in 2024, according to the report.

Despite participating in the creation of podcasting, Apple only recently took definitive steps to capitalize on the medium by introducing a podcast subscription mechanism in June. Spotify, which has aggressively grown its podcasting platform over the past two years, launched a similar feature in August.

As the two companies look to expand their respective content libraries, Spotify is offering creators 100% subscription revenue until 2023, when a 5% commission goes into effect. Apple, on the other hand, charges its standard 30% rate for listeners’ subscriptions. , a rate which is reduced to 15% after one year.

Today’s predictions follow a report that detailed a variety of complaints from podcast makers with Apple’s podcasting solution, including an error-prone content management system and a bug that had an impact. significant on downloads this summer.


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