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Open source software is invading the market. Small business owners and large multinational corporations use open source software to manage their business operations. Open source software can meet the needs of many markets and industries today, including those that require application server, web server, productivity suite (CRM tool), project management, development ecosystem integrated (IDE), point-of-sale software, enterprise resource planning software (ERP), and e-commerce shopping cart software.

Contract management

Community-developed software can be a cheaper alternative to proprietary software. Merchants can customize community software according to their business needs. Before going into production, business owners should assess the technical and operational specifications of the shopping cart system they are considering. Traders need to choose the right product for their needs because no one size fits all.

How do you choose the best open source shopping cart software? We will start by listing the major players in the small business market. To be included in my list, the open source shopping cart must meet the following ten requirements.

Technical support

Specific characteristics required. Centrally controlled source code An active developer community. Supports Linux and Microsoft Windows hosting environments. The software should be downloaded with full functionality (eg do not disable software or demo software. A well-written installation guide and user manual are essential. You can download the documentation as a PDF file or HTML document Sends personalized email notifications to customer and merchant Offers secure bug fixes and updates Installations in dedicated or shared hosting environments.


Once we’ve established our minimum requirements, we can start researching the best free shopping cart programs. The best free shopping carts available for small businesses are, in my opinion. The merchant can download, install and configure all of the above mentioned buying coaches for free. Most community products come with a main user interface. Traders may want to upgrade this GUI. Traders have two options: hire a web developer to improve the GUI or purchase a monster model template.

Template Monster and others offer thousands of custom templates at low prices for merchants to build great looking online stores. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right shopping cart for your merchant business. The merchant must be the source to contract conscious software and understand the limit of the product. If your product catalog contains 1000 products, but your cart only contains 900 products, this solution might not be for you. Not all open source products mentioned above may have full product catalogs.


Customers will buy elsewhere if your eCommerce website is slow. You should also check the version of your online store with high user loads or with higher data loads. Both of these scenarios could bring down an online store.

Community support

Make sure there is a strong community of developers. To determine if there is an active developer community, check out the forums. Look up questions online and see how long it took to get answered.

Make sure technical support is available through an active developer community or paid contract. Nothing is worse than having a production problem and then waiting five or more days for a response.

Support for payment gateway

Open source shopping carts must have third-party payment gateway extensions to process credit card payments. Major payment gateway services can protect many open source shopping cart programs. Once your online store is up and running, you will need to submit it to the major search engines. Search engine friendly URLs are necessary for your online store to be indexed by search engines.

Contract management involves the management of all phases and aspects of any contractual agreement. This includes the creation of certified professional contracts that comply with legal guidelines, categorization of supplies, systematization of contracts and other requirements. In addition, contract management software facilitates the management and automation of monitoring and reporting.

Contract creation

Contract creation is the process of drafting contracts, from discussion and idea to completion. Contract management software allows the user to automate the process and create legal / binding agreements or modify existing contracts with amendments as needed.

Contract management software may be necessary as it often contains templates and correct wording to ensure that the agreement is well documented and explained.

Storage under contract

It is easy to understand the concept of contract storage. All contracts can be collected, collated and stored in one place. Contract management software allows you to save contracts so that you can keep proper records.

A storage system allows you to store electronic copies of all agreements with customers, as well as modifications and amendments. Hold securely in one place. This protects paper contracts from accidental spills and loss.

Contract payment services

Contract payment services include negotiating payment terms, establishing remuneration methods and monitoring payments from the initiation of the contract to the conclusion of the payment. In addition, the contract management software provides uninterrupted services to execute partner expenses throughout the contract.

It is beneficial to have a place where you can chat and record all payments. In addition, you and your client have the option of using contract management software to automate all financial compensation methods.

Contract negotiation

The negotiation of the contract involves the authentication, evaluation and establishment of payments according to the specificities of each party. Contract management software allows the user to authorize and authenticate chargeback requests from each partner.

The whole trading process can be handled in one software, as mentioned earlier. This allows all parties to the contract to document their complaints and present them in the correct format.

Contract amendment

Contract approval refers to planned approvals based on milestones and changes made during contract negotiations. These contracts can often be found online, allowing both parties to review objective goals and submit their approval.

The contract management software allows each partner to approve or reject any part of the contractual objectives at any stage of negotiation or modification of previous agreements. This is crucial because the contract cannot be signed without the approval of both parties.

Contract review

Contract review involves the investigation and analysis of all contractual relationships throughout the history of a contract. Contract management software enables the study and research of all contractual agreements, financial analysis and the quality of each client’s contract implementation strategies, according to their demographics.

Optimizing future strategies can be done by knowing which implementation strategies worked and which did not. This means you can learn what worked and what didn’t so that you can do more of what works. You could end up repeating bad business practices and potentially losing money if you don’t evaluate your processes.


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