These are the 5 most viewed stories on in 2021


During 2021, KJZZ News covered a wide range of stories. Heading into 2022, here’s a look back at the five most viewed stories on this year.

1. Election audit confirms Biden victory in Maricopa County, but also casts doubts

Howard Fischer / Capitol Media Services

Audit team members Ben Cotton (left to right), Doug Logan and Randy Pullen prepare to submit their reports on September 24, 2021 to the State Senate on what they found during the audit of the 2020 election results.

September saw the end of an infamous Arizona saga that spanned 11 months (and, in December, murmurs persist): the audit of the 2020 Maricopa County presidential polls, led by Florida-based group Cyber Ninjas. In late September, the group certified that current President Joe Biden received the most votes among voters in Maricopa County.

2. The Metrocenter shopping center will be demolished. This is what will come up in its place

Preliminary sketches of the redevelopment of the Metrocenter site.


Preliminary sketches of the redevelopment of the Metrocenter site.

Demolition and major redevelopment is happening at an iconic Phoenix property. In December, KJZZ’s Christina Estes got an exclusive preview of the area’s plans.

3. Whistleblowers: Software bug keeping inmates in prisons beyond release dates

Arizona Department of Corrections Headquarters

Jimmy Jenkins / KJZZ

The headquarters of the Arizona Department of Corrections in downtown Phoenix.

In February, whistleblowers from the Arizona Department of Corrections revealed a shocking glitch in the prison system’s software: Hundreds of incarcerated people who should have been eligible for release were being held in prison because prison management software. inmates could not interpret the sentencing laws at the time. .

4. High interest in vouchers from parents of the anti-mask mandate, much to the dismay of public schools

Governor Doug Ducey

Howard Fischer / Capitol Media Services

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey shared more details on two new programs he launched at a press conference on August 19, 2021.

In September, the debate around masks in schools was still hotly debated. For parents in Arizona whose children’s schools need masks, Governor Doug Ducey has offered $ 7,000 in federal COVID-19 relief funds to help send these children elsewhere. Critics have called it another example of Republicans trying to undermine public education.

5. What if you lose your COVID-19 vaccination record in Arizona?

Vaccination card

Sky Schaudt / KJZZ

A vaccination record for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Health experts around the world continue to urge vaccination to protect against COVID-19. But what if you misplace that card that proves you are fully immunized?

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