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  • Editor’s Note: This article, written by Kane County Connects editor-in-chief Rick Nagel, is one of a series of Kane County Connects most read stories in 2021. The page views were collected from the WordPress site statistics page.

It’s always a good idea to note that the stories listed here aren’t necessarily the most important or meaningful of the year. This determination is more subjective, and something each reader must decide for themselves.

These articles are the most read.

Just because these articles were popular didn’t mean their topics were irrelevant. In fact, pageviews are a pretty good indication that the content deserves readers’ time and attention.

Yesterday, we posted # 10 to # 6 most read articles on our Top 10 list. Below are the five articles that you find most interesting.

# 5: hide yourselves, County Kane! We have reached a substantial level

The Kane County Health Department doesn’t routinely issue press releases about the spread of the virus, but when local health officials speak out, people listen.

In early August, when the Delta-fueled spread began, the Kane County Health Department issued a simple press release informing the public that Kane County had reached the “substantial” level of transmission and offering strong recommendations. to hide.

Kane County Connects issued this press release – and the article 21,513 pages viewed,

Similar KCHD press releases

N ° 4: The highly anticipated St. Charles restaurant opens its doors on November 12

Over the years, Kane County Connects has been partially funded by the Grand Victoria Casino Elgin Fund, and part of the criteria for that funding is used to support three fundamental goals, which you might call the three Es: environment, education, and economic development.

In support of the latter, Kane County Connects occasionally issues press releases on new business developments and business openings.

That one was clearly of interest to many people. It totaled 29,484 page views.

N0. 3: Extended driving license expiration dates

During the pandemic, residents of Kane County were very interested to learn that the Illinois Secretary of State’s office was extending driver’s license expiration dates.

A more recent press release from the office of the secretary of state says expiration dates have been extended once again – and for the last time – until March 31, 2022.

This article received 32,384 page views.

N ° 2: COVID vaccine announcements from the Ministry of Health

During the early stages of the COVID-19 vaccine deployment, demand far exceeded supply. People feared that those close to them – especially the elderly – would not have access to the potentially life-threatening bullet in the arm.

Kane County Health Department called for patience and launched an email notification campaign which residents could register by visiting the KCHD website.

Later the Ministry of Health addition of an appointment page for vaccination to its website, which you can find at

Here are some of the articles related to vaccination:

  • VIDEO STORY: Kane County Health Department Insists On Patience At Start Of Phase 1B – 25,168
  • Kane County Health Department Updates COVID-19 Vaccination Plan – 21,223
  • How to request a replacement COVID-19 vaccination card – 20,791
  • Want to be informed about the COVID-19 vaccine? Register with the Kane County Health Department – 19,896
  • Department of Health webpage helps you find appointments for COVID vaccines – 19 338
  • UPDATE: Pharmacies Partner With Illinois To Provide COVID-19 Vaccines – 13,996
  • Kane County Department of Health: 3 Steps Seniors Can Take to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 – 13,599
  • Kane Vax Hub among 4 sites opening this week for all qualifying Illinois residents – 13,514
  • When does my group get vaccinated? Here is the IDPH vaccination plan – 12 612
  • More than 300 new COVID-19 vaccination sites added statewide – 12,358

These are just the top 10 articles related to vaccines. In total, they represent 172,475 page views.

# 1: COVID-19 Updates

The daily story of the COVID-19 update has evolved over the year and, in fact, over the past two years.

At the start of the pandemic, this was a landing page for COVID-19 information. Instead of creating a new story every day, we’ve added the most recent information to the top of the page, so you can scroll down to see posts from previous days.

In this form, the story of COVID-19 totaled 417,778 pageviews in 2020.

This year, we’re posting a COVID-19 update story every day, reporting data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control, Kane County Department of Health, and the United States. World Health Organization, as well as a summary of news from universities, professional organizations and the media.

We’re not going to try to count all the pageviews of all the stories in the COVID-19 update, but there is no doubt that they would add up to far more than last year’s total landing pages.

This effort is a labor of love and an essential part of Kane County Connects’ mission: to collect and share government data and public information that is valuable and relevant to the citizens of Kane County, Illinois.

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