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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona., September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Training (, a leading SaaS platform that dramatically increases the ability of small businesses to scale through better integration and training, yesterday unveiled the world’s first professional playbook software at its first annual user conference .

The major product upgrade now allows small businesses to build their playbooks (or how-tos for running their business) the same way they naturally work every day. This includes easily documenting and sharing information about their business, employees, policies and processes, allowing small businesses to grow and grow in record time. These fundamentals were born from the founder of Trainual Chris Ronzio’s last book: The business playbook.

“As a small business owner, I have personally faced the many challenges of onboarding, training and scaling up quickly,” said Chris Ronzio, CEO and founder of Trainual. “To really help small businesses with knowledge transfer, we needed a product that exactly matched their day-to-day operation, especially when it comes to documenting processes and onboarding new hires. . This new generation of Trainual really reflects that, the way people discover a business in real life. “

The all-new Trainual now includes four key changes, each designed specifically for small businesses:

  1. New navigation – Trainual’s new layout mimics the way small businesses operate naturally on a day-to-day basis – from a larger picture of their business to how individuals fit in and, finally, exactly what teams need to know . The new navigation directly reflects this, saving time and ensuring a more organized experience.
  2. Organizational chart – Organizational chart feature gives an easy-to-digest visual representation of where each team member is in the business, to whom they report and who is on which team.
  3. Roles and responsibilities – It makes it easier to assign responsibilities to each team member, eliminates duplication of effort by clearly showing who does what, and allows teams to link actual training or website content to a responsibility. As a result, these features add a whole new level of context for other team members or new employees.
  4. Collections to organize content – Customers can now group their processes into individual categories called “Collections” by Team, Department, Subject – whatever works!

In addition, Trainual has launched a brand new plan called “Build”, specially created and priced for small businesses with 5 or fewer employees.

The company hosted its first-ever Insider Summit event yesterday, exclusively for Trainual customers, where attendees got a preview of the all-new platform before it goes live later today.

today Small Business 2021 Playbook Conference will continue the conversation, featuring several entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including live Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuk by VaynerMedia, four-time NBA All-Star Shaquille O’neal, David Heath from Bombas, Priscilla tsai from Cocokind, and more.

The event will cover what corporate playbooks are and how they are used, how to create processes that evolve, tips on managing teams and information on creating a compelling business story.

About Trainual:
Trainual, the world’s first business playbook software, is transforming the way small businesses onboard, train and grow their teams. With its affordable and easy-to-use platform, organizations can dramatically reduce the time it takes to upgrade their employees while making every need to know instantly accessible from anywhere in the world. Thousands of small businesses in over 180 countries are building their business playbooks and growing their teams with Trainual.

For more information, please visit and download the app on the App Store Where google play. Immerse yourself in the conversation about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

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