Trusted computer design and development software for critical military systems introduced by Lynx

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Lynx Software Technologies in San Jose, CA introduces LynxElement Unikernel software which must be POSIX compliant for mission critical uses. Third-party and open-source software can put any application at risk, but the threats and security impact of critical software are significant.

Unikernels work best for applications that require speed, agility, and a small attack surface for increased security, certifiability, and trusted computing such as avionics, autonomous vehicles, and critical infrastructure.

Unikernels are prebuilt applications that use libraries and can reduce software vulnerabilities to hackers and other attacks. Unikernels are also suitable for mission-critical systems with heterogeneous workloads that require coexistence of RTOS, Linux, Unikernel, and bare-metal guests.

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Lynx based its Unikernel product on the company‘s LynxOS-178 real-time operating system, to allow compatibility between Unikernel and the LynxOS-178 standalone product.

This allows users to transport applications between each environment and is compatible with the FACE= and POSIX APIs. The Lynx framework provides built-in security for Unikernel for safety and security certification in critical applications.

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