Umbraco 9 ‘Future Proofs’ Content Management System



Latest version of flexible and open source CMS provides web developers and agencies with superior performance, scalability and compatibility with macOS, Linux, Microsoft

Umbraco launched Umbraco 9, the latest version of the user-friendly, flexible, fully customizable and robust content management system behind the sites of major brands such as NFL, JP Morgan, Rubbermaid and New York State. Umbraco 9 offers a complete update to the CMS technology stack, with a move from the .NET Framework to now fully running on .NET 5 (formerly known as .NET Core). This unique transformation delivers better performance and scalability, a cleaner architecture, and compatibility with macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, opening Umbraco to more web developers.

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. @ Umbraco perpetuates its #CMS with the launch of Umbraco 9, the latest version of its & robust content management system behind major brand sites such as @NFL, @jpmorgan, @rubbermaid, & @NYGov

“Completely moving Umbraco to the latest version of .NET ensures the sustainability of the platform, providing a robust CMS on the most relevant and modern technology familiar and expected by web developers today,” said Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO of Umbraco. “Making Umbraco cross-platform also means that web agencies struggling to find developers will have even more options, as Linux and macOS developers – and not just those working on Windows – recognize the benefits Umbraco offers. “

Founded in 2005, Umbraco’s CMS family includes the flagship and open source Umbraco CMS; Umbraco Heartcore, a headless CMS; Umbraco Cloud; and Umbraco Uno, a single platform for non-technical marketers and creative agencies. With the help of its active community of more than 220,000 members, including an extensive network of best-of-breed partners who provide customized solutions that integrate with Umbraco, the company now has over 700,000 locations. Web around the world, the majority in Europe and the United States. —Operating directly on its solutions.

High performance testers, clear upgrade plan for an up-to-date CMS

The launch of Umbraco 9 also kicks off a regular release cadence for major new versions of Umbraco. This new cadence is aligned with Microsoft .NET Long Term Support (LTS) versions, which means users can rest assured that future versions of Umbraco LTS are always updated with the latest Microsoft technology.

“With Umbraco now on .NET 5, not only are we getting significant core improvements to the framework, but we can finally take advantage of some of the huge performance gains available in these latest versions of .NET,” said Benjamin Carleski, developer senior. , ProWorks Corporation. “Umbraco 9 brings the latest advancements to the CMS, such as String and Regex optimizations, and is fully compatible with .NET 6, with its suite of additional enhancements, when released later this year. Umbraco developers will also have access to an improved configuration system, Lucene.NET 4 enhancements, better member / user integrations, and much more that was added to Umbraco in v9.

With the help of longtime users such as Carleski and thousands of other members of Umbraco’s open source community, Umbraco 9 is “clearly ready for global use,” Madsen added.

“Developers and their web agencies can confidently use Umbraco 9 for new projects today and in the long run, all without worrying about multiple frameworks or running multiple versions in tandem,” he said. “They benefit from a user-friendly and up-to-date CMS on modern, secure technology with a clear upgrade plan, which makes it even easier to create new digital experiences for themselves and their customers. “

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