USAF Advanced Combat Management System; Support DHS procurement processes; Secure software standards

In today’s episode of The Daily Scoop podcast, the House of Representatives passes an omnibus bill to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Two bills to amend the acquisition at the Department of Homeland Security are on their way to the floor of the House of Representatives. Former Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Homeland Security Soraya Correa discusses the impact these two bills would have on DHS procurement processes.

Agencies will adhere to a secure software development framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology going forward. Mark FormanExecutive Vice President of Dynamic Integrated Services and former E-Gov Administrator, explains what he learned from the framework and the progress made in establishing standards for secure software in the commercial industry in collaboration with the government.

The Air Force Advanced Combat Management System will be the element of this service’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control System that supports warfighters in all environments with data. At ITModTalks, Director of Air Force Data and Artificial Intelligence Brig. General John Olson explains its role in supporting these initiatives.

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