Warzone’s new loading system has been removed after causing bugs



Raven Software has removed a new loading system from Call Of Duty: War Zone after causing several bugs and serious problems.

The last War zone The patch included a silent addition to prep loadouts in the pre-match lobby. This is normally done in a match when you are recovering from a load drop and can cost life seconds.

These loadouts contain specific weapons and attachments and may be one of the most powerful pickups in War zone. It was a good quality of life feature, but Raven quickly removed it.

Players discovered that a bug caused them to jump from the cargo plane fully equipped with their weapons and custom gear. This is especially powerful during the first moments of a match when other players have to make do with whatever they can find.

This issue also appeared when players were returning from the Gulag for the game. They should normally start from scratch instead of showing up with their top gear.

This was a bug that caused players to endlessly use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade, which silences player movement and gives them a speed boost. This can be incredibly powerful when used at the right time, with the caveat that it only lasts for a limited time and has a cooldown between uses.

Raven Software took to Twitter say he updated War zone to remove the load preparation functionality. This fixed the spawn issues, as well as the infinite bug in Dead Silence. The developer added that they will re-enable this feature at a later date.

In the same update that added the Infinite Dead Silence bug, Raven also updated the High Alert bug to allow players to hear those using Dead Silence, providing a counter-power to the ability to high power.


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